Is DLC a Ripoff?

Downloadable content is a big thing these days. Most games will release at least one add-on whether they’re giving out new costumes, story elements, missions or just hats. A lot of people have begun to complain that they feel they have been ripped off, claiming to have only got half a game when they bought it in the first place. The question is, how true is this claim?

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Wizziokid2717d ago

some devs offer really good dlc others don't.


Substance1012716d ago

IMO DLC started of as a to make gamers think they are getting a good deal.

It started of by taking advantage of the already going on console war. MS offered DLC for GTA 4 to Xbox gamers. PS3 and PC gamers were left out. Xbox gamers thinking they are getting a good deal bought into this.

MS basically has carried forward the same thing into COD. where Xbox gamers get DLC first.

Most other developers actually rip content out of games to make some extra with DLC.

DLC was previously known as patches on PC. This was before the current gen consoles arrived.

PC gamers received stuff such as maps, weapons, extra content either way patches or community mods.

Since for most console gamers the concept of getting content online was a new one, they supported a trend of paying to get stuff which was previously free. now it has ended up with games getting content ripped out. Hell a good lot of them even pay to go online.

The spill over effects made there way to PC gaming as well, where many developers have stopped giving mod capability just so they can sell their DLCs.

Imo console gamers need to avoid the milking DLCs such as maps, weapons etc. Stop paying for such worthless stuff, maybe devs will give you the ability to mod such stuff just life UT3.

Army_of_Darkness2716d ago

I wish games this gen were all fully developed and completed like how they were last gen...:-{

NukaCola2716d ago

I will get DLC if it expands the experience.

I enjoy things like Mass or Fallout DLC. I generally don't buy things like characters or costumes outside sometimes on LBP, but I always felt that if it feels like your buying cut content or paying for a 6kb unlock code then it is not worth it at all.

I do have to say that the Rockstar Pass is cool. I really like LA Noire so getting a $10 DLC pack for a tons of content, you are getting more bang for your buck. (A small part of me feels LA Noire has a lot of cut content but I dont want to get into that arguement.)

RedSky2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

DLC is the result of distributors changing their business model from expansion packs to smaller content pieces which cost less but are also worse value.

Rather than a coherent storyline and 8-12 hours of gameplay we now get 3-5 hours of some random mission at best and horse armor at worst. Exceptions exist yes, bu they are few and far between.

AAACE52716d ago

Yes! Have you noticed dlc has been coming sooner! Sometimes on the same day the f*ckin game is released!

It is cheapening the experience to me.

If these f*ckers really want our money that bad, they should release games for $20, and allow us to buy whatever stuff we want in the game!

DaTruth2716d ago

The stupid thing is that if you gave out free stuff like they did in the PC era of DLC, your customers would be so happy they would buy all your games and tell their friends what awesome games your company makes because of all the support!

Now what they get is customers getting mad because they feel they got "half a game" and then telling their friends how much that company sucks and what bastards they are!

BattleAxe2716d ago

Its a rip-off when developers release a game that has very little content, and then they expect that you'll like the game enough that you'll be forced to buy DLC in order to complete the experience(Killzone 3, Bad Company 2, Socom: Confrontation)

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Man In Black2716d ago


Off the top of my head, the only DLC that I remember actually being worth it was the two chapters for GTA 4. Other than that, mainly milking bullshit.

NukaCola2716d ago

UNDEAD NIGHTMARE for Red Dead Redemption was brilliant. Some of the best DLC to date.

StanSmith2716d ago

For me the only DLC that has been worth every penny are Red Dead Undead Nightmare & Episodes from Liberty City. They offered true value for money.

All these shooters i feel overcharge for map packs. Same with Capcom and their overpriced costume and character DLCs.

THQ are 90% of the time great with their DLC. With Smackdown & Saints Row 2, i've never felt ripped off by their prices either.

GodsHand2716d ago

Yeah Crackcom, is charging crack prices, even Warner Bro, is trying those crackcom prices with mortal kombat.

Gray-Fox-Type02716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Some DLC are great, others are terrible.


Paying for content that was on the disc.

What happened to the days you played and unlocked the character costumes , these days you buy the costumes...

What happened to the days you played and unlocked the characters, these days you buy additional characters...

EA worst examples. Cheat DLCS, you heard right Godfather 2 they had the nerve to charge for CHEATS , which were free on PS2....

Another one charge for IN-GAME Money, who would spend real money for IN-GAME money? Some NFS game...

Exclusive gun DLC, exclusive armour DLC, exclusive perks. Very lame the list goes on...olden days were not like that. You payed and got the complete game, and you were able to unlock stuff within the game.

There were no first day patches either....does that signal that testing has gotten worse? How come olden games came out perfect, but these days games need multiple patches...

QuodEratDemonstrandm2716d ago

Games are getting more complex. Super Metroid was 32mb of data. Current gen games can run 250-500 times that amount. Hard to find every little bug in that much code. I'm not trying to justify day one patches, but hopefully this is a reasonable explanation.

Mr Tretton2716d ago

"There were no first day patches either....does that signal that testing has gotten worse? How come olden games came out perfect, but these days games need multiple patches..."

If they delayed the release date because of a bug or two people would be pissed anyway. And as the person said above...

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agentxk2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I like some DLC. An odd rule of thumb that makes me feel like the download is worth it: If the DLC actually requires a sizable download and isn't just a few KB unlock, I feel ok about it. I hate when you download a "new" mission or character, only to just be unlocking what was already on your disc.

bozebo2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

"I hate when you download a "new" mission or character, only to just be unlocking what was already on your disc."

If they are genuinely doing that then they are breaking all kinds of laws. You already own the rights to use any digital content on that disk, they can legally say anything they want in their eula though but they can't always legally back it up. I think what they usually do is recycle a lot of content that was on the disk, like textures, models and sound effects - so the download file is a lot smaller than it should be (a few megs instead of hundreds)

When you think about it, any digital information must exist in a physical binary form somewhere in the physical world - so you own those pits and troughs on the dvd/blu-ray and therefore have a right to access that content. I think that is just EU law though.

Pro_TactX2716d ago

You own the disc. That is all you own. You do not own the rights to any digital content on the disc. You have a (revocable) license to use the digital content. No laws are being broken by selling unlocks for on-disc content.

Not that I condone such a practice mind you. I am very much against it, but let's not spread misinformation.

I understand that laws vary across the world, but I don't believe any country grants ownership of copyrighted content to the end user.

bozebo2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

No. You do own the right to access whatever software material is on the disk.

Obviously you don't own the IP (copyrighted content), I never said that.

Oh, and it is only the eula that says they can "revoke" access. Legally, they cannot because you own the physical disk - with the physical properties that bounce light off it in such a way. Therefore you own the right to parse that binary data in whatever way you see fit. That is the reality.

What you can't do is make alterations to it with the intent on changing the way the software works, you may also not attempt to investigate how the executable code works (to protect their hard work, aka IP). You can legally copy the disk onto backing storage if you want, but it is illegal to allow anybody else to access it.

Go and read your country's legislation very, very closely. You will notice it is written deliberately to miselad people and you have to _not_ read between the lines, at all, to truely understand what it says.

If you already have the playable game content on the disk, and the dlc simply adds a way to get to that - they can't legally charge you unless they physically state that they are charging you for the _service_ that unlocks the content. Which probably isn't what they say, usually the download is only so small because the DLC recycles textures, sounds, models etc that are used by the rest of the game. So what would seem to be hundreds of megs worth of content is only a couple (the executable code). Then people nerdrage and assume that they sold an unlock purposely to be greedy...

Also, isn't one of the big causes of DLC at the moment because they have employees with no job to do (level design etc) once a game goes forward to final testing/bug fixing or has gone gold? Also there are issues with the space available on DVDs, so storing DLC to be unlocked would go against logic.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2716d ago

The only times I've ever seen kb range unlock files are pre order DLCs and unlocking the full game after downloading a demo.

Old McGroin2716d ago

Most people will always see DLC as something that has been cut from the finished game to try and milk more money out of the consumer. An example of this was when Resident Evil 5 added a Versus mode as premium DLC even though the Official Guide for Resi 5, which came out before the game was released, contained a guide to the Versus mode. Seemed blatantly obvious what happened there.
I for one will never like having to pay extra for things we used to receive as part of the retail price, but I do understand why companies do it. Sure, they want to make games that people enjoy but they also want to make money, it's as simple as that.
I think, as an answer to the articles point, that some DLC is definitely a complete rip-off, I'm looking at you Call Of Duty, but as long as people continue to shell out for vastly overpriced DLC it will only continue to get worse.

caseh2716d ago

On a side note to Old Mcgroin's reference to Resi 5 DLC. It was already contained on the disc on the PS3 at least, the download was simply an unlock code to make the additional content available.

In these cases I have to say thats a bit of a joke, at which point during development did someone think 'Oh I just had an idea, lets put this content onto the disc ready then charge a few bucks for access to it once interest in the game starts to fade a bit' in a word, a RIDICULOUS attitude towards an audience that supports their company and products.

TBM2716d ago

Yes if the content was part of the original game then its a rip-off, if its genuinely brand new content for said game then no.

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