PS3 games can be “even better” on Vita – Yoshida

Great graphics were not enough for today’s market, says Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida – and that led the company to innovate in other ways to help developers make PS3 games like Uncharted “even better” on PlayStation Vita.

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sinncross2692d ago

Well he is making the point that the different interfaces with which to play a game on the Vita can enhance the gaming experiences.

I think he has a point but all in moderation. I do not think that the current Uncharted userbase want to change to touch controls for Uncharted on Vita, so thank goodness they are not mandatory. I think Sony's best move will be to make their own developers use the different features to provide options so as to create a transtition for gamers into touch controls (talking mainly Sony userbase here).

It may be best for Sony to include an interactive tutorial app with the Vita so people can get used to the differetn features of the PSV, or market Little Deviants since that game pretty much uses everything on the PSV.

AAACE52692d ago

That's not the kind of message I would want to send!

Some could misinterpret it as saying, don't buy a Ps3, just buy a Vita it will be better!

He could have found a better way to say it!

NewMonday2692d ago

its true for some games, wasn't interested in LBP, but i look forward to the PSV version

Ddouble2692d ago

Certain games like LBP and Modnation racers could be better than their PS3 counterparts from what we've seen.

As for Uncharted I don't think the PSV's features can put Golden Abyss over its PS3 titles but lets see anywaay.

ChronoJoe2692d ago

Yeah in regards to LBP and MNR, definitely. Precise touch controls would make level/track creation soo much better, particularly for LBP.

NukaCola2692d ago

There are a few things in Uncharted Golden Abyss that really are awesome:

1. Touch/Motion features to solve puzzles
2. Sixaxis aiming and swinging
3. Painting pathways for traversing and climbing
4. The camera - Taking pictures to match up to the ones in the journal.

ChronoJoe2691d ago

As an uncharted fan the only one of those I'd use is the touch/motion puzzle solving. The others seem forced in or just an equal alternative to the traditional input.

PSjesus2692d ago

I hope Vita well get it's own unique games not just
console's port.

MasterCornholio2692d ago

Dont worry about it. The Vita will get plenty of new titles. Sure there will be ports here and there but the majority of them will be new. Anyways the handheld that i have seen with the most ports seems to be the 3DS so far. But maybe thats because its been out since march.

VampiricDragon2692d ago

This is the biggest concern anyone should have for the system

Flashwave_UK2692d ago

nintendo drone used troll attack..... it was super effective.

VampiricDragon2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

stay quite fanboy. I plan on owning 2 vitas

Any fan of original games, this would be the top concern.

Darth Stewie2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Vita will get all types of games such as Minis/IOS type games due to touchscreen, PSN type games, and full fledged Vita games(HD Remakes,PS3 Ports,Vita originals). Plus all PS1 classics,PSP Minis,and PSP games that are downloadable will work on the Vita. Vita is shaping up really well and don't forget it will be Sony's most dev friendly system.

qwertyz2692d ago

ps4 will be even more dev friendly than vita Sony learned from the mistakes they made with ps3

miamicanesruleall2692d ago

Would love to buy one, but I already have a ps3, 360, and wii. Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day for more gaming.

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