More Arkham City character announcements coming, promises Rocksteady

OXM UK: "Batman: Arkham City features a playable Catwoman and Robin plus appearances by the Riddler, the Joker, the Penguin, Clayface, Calendar Man and Hugo Strange, but Rocksteady Studios isn't done with the lore-tapping yet."

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dirigiblebill2690d ago

Can't be Batgirl, because she's in a wheelchair. Unless they drop her in as a downloadable non-story-related extra.

Lord_Sloth2690d ago


There are more Batgirls than Barbara Gordon. There's Cassandra Cain (now BlackBat) and the current Batgirl, Stephanie Brown.

Even the Huntress, Helena adopted the title after Barbara's incident.

******END SPOILERS******

Also, spoiler tags in the future.

Yi-Long2690d ago

... but I hope they do her more justice in the design than they did with Tim Drake/Robin.