The Witcher 2 (console) E3 Preview -

The Witcher 2 is heading to the consoles later this year find out how it's shaping up in the E3 preview.

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2664d ago
Substance1012664d ago

so far only the 360 version has been confirmed.

Tru_Blu2664d ago

As of now but they would be nuts to leave it off the PS3. Before you bubble rape me face it.. 360 is a mostly shooter audience, PS3 is more of a diverse audience but won't set any records with the games they offer.

Fox012664d ago

The best selling games on the PS3 are shooters as well for f*** sake. I bet your favorite game is a PS3 shooter as well. You guys sound like a broken record.

PandaJenkins2664d ago

Last time I checked games like the Elder Scrolls series, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and other various RPG's were all popular on the 360.

Evildragon232664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I don't think it will come to Ps3 it's just not as powerful as the Xbox 360 I'm afriad.

Before any Ps3 fans disagree with me!

I own a Ps3 and have played Uncharted, Killzone 2, Infamous plus other Sony Exclusives and they're not as impressive as Some 360 excluisves like Gears of war or Halo Reach.

Not to mention the fact that all multi-platform games work better on the 360 too.

LightofDarkness2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I'm more of a PC fanboy than anything else, but I can tell you without hesitation that there is nothing on the Xbox 360 that is as visually impressive as Uncharted 2. It may not be a testament to the PS3's power (it seems like only ND and one or two others are capable to producing this), but it is certainly a testament to the wizardry of those who work at Naughty Dog.

And it may well come to PS3 if it does well enough on 360, CDPR are a small team that can only devote themselves to one project at a time.

GezForce2664d ago

god of war 3 owns all the above mentioned games graphically... halo reach?...dont make me laugh, halo has never been about high end visuals.. its just a fun shooter. ps3 is more than capable of running witcher2. if 360 can do it so can ps3.

Pintheshadows2664d ago

Halo Reach? Really. Whilst it is a decent game it is far from top notch graphics wise. I found that it looked a bit dated to be honest.

AKS2664d ago

It's a really terrific game. I've been playing lots of the PC version lately. I wasn't crazy about the controls of the original Witcher game, but they really improved things with The Witcher 2.

Pintheshadows2664d ago

I'm building a weaponised PC to play it on. I played for maybe 6 hrs at a friends. I laughed because the start, I did it first time. I think I was lucky.

AKS2662d ago

Weaponized PC? LOL. I have 2 6950s CFed at the moment, which is enough to make it sing along at a silky frame rate minus supersampling. I almost went for the 6990, but I backed off the idea when I saw how great the scaling of the 6900 series was in Crossfire.

keith-ps32664d ago

wat can u do in this game why do ppl keep talking about it i saw youtube videos it looked boring