Yahtzee Almost Wrote Duke Nukem Forever

Yahtzee: I hadn't actually seen this until Paul H drew my attention to it, but it's certainly made me wonder about what might have been. Yes, at one point a couple of years back I was approached to possibly write for Duke Nukem Forever.

Trust me, I would have talked about this a lot more if it weren't for two things: partly the uncertainty over whether it violated some unspoken non-disclosure arrangement, which I guess isn't an issue anymore if that video I linked can have a former 3D realms developer gab off about it, but mostly because it wasn't a terribly interesting story, at least not from my perspective. Brian Hook emailed me asking if I was available for game scriptwriting, and I said yes, because I was. I was asked to do an audition piece so I knocked up a quick and dirty script for a scene that was basically taking all the piss. And don't ask to see it because it was a couple of hard drives ago.

Until I watched the video above I didn't even know if anyone had even liked the piece at all, which is probably why I don't talk about it. All I got told was that it didn't suit the tone they were going for. I was taking the piss out of Duke himself and they wanted Duke to be relatively straight while the world and the people around him were silly. I didn't submit a revised audition because that didn't make any sense to me at all. I would think the only way an action hero as typically 90's as Duke Nukem could survive today would be with as much irony as possible. I said as much, and thus ended my potential glittering career with 3D Realms.

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Pozzle2720d ago

It makes you wonder what sort of game Duke Nukem Forever would have been if 3D Realms had gone with Yahtzee's script. A DNF that takes the piss out of Duke for being an over the top 90s action hero in a modern world would have been pretty funny.

SilentNegotiator2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Duke Nukem Forever could have actually have been funny. not to live the in the land of 'what-ifs', though.

Without his design input, though, the gameplay would still be the bore that it is.

Thrillhouse2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I really hope Yahtzee can get in on a big project. It is painfully obvious that he knows a lot about good game design, and he clearly has a passion for it.

darksied2719d ago

As cool as it is reading about things like this, I really hate doing it. It always makes we wonder if we could have had a decent story and decent dialog to go along with the boring, old gameplay (as opposed to crap dialog/story to go with the boring gameplay).

Pozzle2719d ago

It reminds me of when I saw the original fanart for Resident Evil 5. So many amazing ideas went un-used. :(

palaeomerus2719d ago

Original fan art? Wha? You mean concept art?

Pozzle2718d ago

Oops. Yes, I meant concept art. :O