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TheSixthAxis writes:

"Following on from the original title which launched last year, White Knight Chronicles II is a direct sequel, though not only in terms of narrative. Players are awkwardly eased back into Level-5’s mystical universe with a lacklustre overview of the first game proceeded by a lengthy introduction sequence. Simply put, Yshrenia is looking to reinstate its tryannical empire is once again, the Archduchy of Faria being their first target. After a brief clash of arms, Farian noble Lady Miu is escorted from the palace by her blade-friendly guardian, Scardigne as the kingdom is slowly overwhelmed."

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chidori6662718d ago

not a surprise in this mediocre score.. I had the same issues with the first game, and it looks the same graphics.

NewMonday2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

from the review:


-Unique gameplay style, striking a balance between MMO and JRPG.
-Insane amount of replay value for those who search for it.
-Plenty of customisation options which carry into online play.
-Graphics are dated, though the art style is fantastic.
-White Knight Chronicles II also includes a copy of the first game.
-Soundtrack resembles the JRPG genre in its prime"

all this positive stuff and in the end a 5?

and this disclamer

"TheSixthAxis was not provided with an online pass to access the multiplayer component in White Knight Chronicles II, hence why we have refrained from discussing online play in our written review"

the online pass is free with the game, a game site is reviewing used games?

if you like the JRPG you will love this game.

MaideninBlack2718d ago

How can they review this game w/o playing the multiplayer? It's a huge part of WKC.

Bah. I give up. These "professional" reviewers will never change.

user13372718d ago

LOL! Online is 80% of this they basically reviewed 20% of the entire game. Fantastic!

Neko_Mega2718d ago

How can this get a review? Isn't this not do to come out until Sept?

The cool thing is the fix somethings from the first one up the grax alittle and added the first game onto the same disc.

bask_in_glory2718d ago

There are more countries on this spinning rock than the sweet US of A, my friend. EU residents have been "treated" to a somewhat early release.

PSjesus2718d ago

Big L-5 fan but is this game that bad???

NewMonday2718d ago

i played L5 games Dark Cloud, Rouge Galaxy and Dragon Quest 8, WKC is the same level, the same deep gameplay and tone of story. i will PM you my review.

WildArmed2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

"i played L5 games Dark Cloud, Rouge Galaxy and Dragon Quest 8, WKC is the same level, the same deep gameplay and tone of story."
Except they moved all the side-quests online instead of SP in the first WKC.
I havn't played WKC2 yet, so can't say what they did there.
But I really can't wait till Sept.

Minato-Namikaze2718d ago

Glad I stopped listening to reviewers in 2007