Resistance 3 rated by BBFC, game disc contains multiple demos

UK ratings board the BBFC has slapped an 18 rating on Insomniac Games' upcoming shooter Resistance 3, and revealed that the game disc contains multiple demos for other SCEE titles, including inFamous 2, Killzone 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse.

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Madusha2690d ago

The rating is blatantly obvious. Demo's are always nice =)

belal2690d ago

the game length is what i want to know, i know that insomniac games allways have a loong and solid story, hoping for 10 houre+ game :D

Barajas_2012690d ago

i would not be buying this game for that "PSN pass" bs, they better ditch it

resistance1002690d ago

I'm not other fussed by this whole EA/PSN Online pass. The only games i ever buy second hand are for the single player. and if i know i'm going to play it online alot i normally get it on launch to ensure that i don't fall behind other gamers (ranking etc).

Plus the one benefit of these schemes is that at least developers get some money back from the pre-owned market rather than game/gamestation holding all the profits from it.

Plus not to mention the fact that you can pick up new games online for less than what the pre-owned cost is in store nowadays anyway

Barajas_2012690d ago

the developers will get some money off me with dlc but this pass is bs, i mean would you rather download the game form torrents where no one gets any money at all or buy it pre owned because you dont have enough money to buy it new (in my case i have to pay 100 dollars) sony just wants to get more money from me

Schade2690d ago

Unfortunately I will not be buying this game. Too many competing great titles coming out at the same time that do not have this stupid PSN Pass. You can pull this BS when you have the market cornered. Not when you are a first party title trying to compete with a new CoD and BF 3 in the same release window.

I cannot speak directly to Sony in protest in any way other than to not purchase the game. I am a bit sad as well because I loved the first two.

Maybe when it hits the bargain bin after X-mas.