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Perhaps White Knight Chronicles II can be best considered a very large expansion of the first game.

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BeastlyRig2688d ago

I remember when I had high hopes for this.

Gray-Fox-Type02688d ago

lol both of them , they didn't look that great to begin with anyways. Two JRPGs to look out for are Last Story & Xenoblade but they are on the Wii...Xenoblade coming to europe but both of them games are not coming to the USA and Last Story no where else...damn nintendo..not giving THEM!

NewMonday2688d ago

WKC is good as long as you consider it one big game and start from the first part if you didn't play it. it like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2.


Xenoblade looks like a classic, i'm lucky my Wii is European, NA Nintendo fans don't deserve this treatment.

knifefight2688d ago

Yeah I remember when I had high hopes for RPGamer too.

Dread2688d ago

yeah i know RPGamer just like almost all other entities who have reviewed the game gave it very poor scores. Its a huge conspiracy!!!

But us true gamers know that all sony exclusives are perfect tens. Sony games never have flaws :)lolz

once again i got ur back SDF. :*

knifefight2688d ago

Because that's totally what I was talking about.

...Wait, what?

Sinterfire2688d ago

Eh I don't mind bad scores. I liked the first so I'll buy the second. I'm just waiting for the NA release.

InfiniteJustice2688d ago

My major gripe with WKC2 is the fact that after the first few hours of the game, you're forced to travel through almost EVERY SINGLE location from the first game, albeit with somehow stronger monsters. It feels like a really cheap trick in order to pad out the game as much as possible.

I even really liked the first game, but re-using every location from it is really pushing my patience with the game.

knifefight2688d ago

Yeah I hate that kind of stuff.
Like, I enjoyed Nier tremendously overall, but that part where you have to go through that robot-laden area twice...back to back? That was lame, especially since you'd been through that dungeon once, like 10 hours earlier.

Stuff like that bothers me in games, yeah.

Robotronfiend2688d ago

I never got into the series, but became interested with all the talk about the sequel coming out. In light of all the not-great reviews that WKC2 is getting, should I just rent WKC1 and be done with the series, or should I pick up 2 and play through both?

NewMonday2688d ago

pick up 2 and play through both

WildArmed2688d ago

Esp. since the highlight of WKC is the online content and community.