Sony is Making a Bollywood Sci-Fi Game for the PS3 (and PS2)

Kotaku - A Sony development team in the UK is working on a game adaptation of upcoming Bollywood sci-fi flick Ra.One.

The film, which stars Shah Rukh Khan, will see its game appear on both PS2 and PS3, the latter as a downloadable PSN title.

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-Mezzo-2713d ago

LMAO, The Movie looks Like To Be heavily inspired by "inFAMOUS". :P

SpaceSquirrel2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I thought of inFamous as well.

deadpoole2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

One thing I dont get it ... India is second most populated country in the world and as the stereotype goes ... every indian is a computer gwiz ... computer programmin language is there second or in some places even their first language lolll ... why the Eff they can't make a simple game for PS3 or X360 ... All I know is that someone made PSN game The Last Guy (developer from india) ... but the stereotype and kind of that game doesn't do justification.

Given the population of India and Sellin of this game there will be $$$$.

10 million games sold in a day (10 million ppl of India out of 1.2 billion total population) ... lolll ... I wouldnt be surprised.

Washington-Capitals2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

@deadpoole, you seem to forget that india is a developing nation and that more then 40% of the 1.2 billion population you mentioned live below the poverty line.

Some of those people have a tough time finding clean water, forget video games.

Pintheshadows2713d ago

At Deadpoole. SCEJ made the Last Guy. Not a developer from India.

nskrishna22713d ago

Sterotypes suck bro
Yes everyone is forced into studying and thus give you that sterotypical imagine, In reality there are plenty of guys between 17 to 25 (my age bracket) who're just not like your sterotypical type..:)

As for gamers, we hate crappy games just like you, and I agree...Bollywood has been ripping off Hollywood movies for ages....ever since I was a little kid..:P

As for why we don't develop games, it's because my wonderful country still things of Video Games as taboo and a waste of time...of course, the winds are blowing in our favour these days...
Another reason is outsourcing..every talent dude here travels to USA or UK mostly...what experts call Brain Drain...I know..I hate economics too...

Thats about it..P

BattleAxe2713d ago

Bollywood copies everything that Hollywood does.

Bull5hifT2713d ago

this reminds me of M.Night.SHAMALAN on robot chicken.... something like "WHAT A TWIST" haa

Bull5hifT2713d ago

where did the B from bollywood come from

DMason2713d ago


The term Bollywood comes from the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai. Mumbai was onced named Bombay. And since Mumbai (Bombay) is the "Hollywood" of India, the term Bollywood was formed.

BattleAxe2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


Exactly my point, Bollywood sounds like Hollywood......they copy everything. The culture over there is screwed up too, they glamorise Indian males grouping together and acting tough which has created this "pack mentality" within the Indian culture, while the western world glamorises true tough guys who are one man wrecking crews like Clint Eastwood. I know the Indian culture and mentality very well, because we've got more than our share here in Surrey B.C.

snipermk02712d ago

so this game is a rip off of a movie that is a rip off of hollywood? Classyyyy

Legion2712d ago


I think someone just saw one too many old musicals from Hollywood and fell in love. Now it seems like every Bollywood film is a story with portions of Oklahoma, West Side Story and Grease thrust into the plot some how.

What is up with all the dancing... I mean really.... it isn't even good dancing. It would be like every Hollywood film suddenly breaking out in country line dances at any moment within a film.

wirapuru2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

People must at least try to understand other cultures. World wasn't exactly born on July 4/1776. You on your culture probably represent a very small group - which thinks and analyses globally, don't expect the majority of any society (i.e. a country) to think like that.

I don't know if you're American but since it seems so: people from the very small groups who think in my country considers most Americans dumb, TV/shopping-driven, completely alienated from the rest of the world. Just like you think what you said about most people in India. Is it a fair view?

As said, stereotypes suck, but drive general opinions. Don't help them go through next time, because if you are here you like to express yourself and at least one or another listens to what you say.

Pozzle2712d ago

"What is up with all the dancing... I mean really.... it isn't even good dancing. It would be like every Hollywood film suddenly breaking out in country line dances at any moment within a film. "

Don't tell me you've never seen a musical before? It's like that.

It's a cultural thing. Many people in India have been brought up on musicals and if the music in a film isn't very good, sometimes the movie doesn't sell.

The singing and dancing is also a way to advance the plot in a creative way. For example, Indian movies are pretty conservative and there isn't much sex or (sometimes) even kissing, so instead of having an explicit sex scene, the characters will dance to express their love for each other.

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CaptainSheep2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Not inspired. Ripped-off. A lot of bollywood movies are COMPLETE rip-offs of Hollywood movies. This time, it's a game that's being ripped-off.

Raf1k12713d ago

So true, I hate the fact that they can't come up with anything original. They keep taking anything from anywhere. They even ripped off Old Boy and said it was completely original and claimed Slumdog Millionnaire was an Indian film.

rezzah2713d ago

Funny that people should disagree with you. Especially when I saw a exact rip-off of f***in ET! AND freaking SUPER MAN.

Yea those two.

thematrix12982713d ago

Actually India's film industry is not solely held by Bollywood. There are movies in other languages which are 100% original at least from westerners point of view. They are solely based on stories and comedy. You should check out some Tamil films.

sourav932713d ago

Though I do agree that there's a lot of bollywood movies that have been ripped of,I wouldn't say all off them they are complete rip offs. Some times only a concept is borrowed. Other times the story is ripped of without credit...and rarely, a story is ripped of with credit given to the original movie.

The number of bollywood movies release per year is easily 200% to 300% more than Hollywood releases.

So in the total number of movies released overall all since the beginning, I can confirm that the proportion of films which are "ripped-off" is below 10% (maybe even 5%).

Another thing to look at is that different parts if India have different movie industries. Bollywood is only based on the Hindi speaking states.

All in all, to conclude, yes, Bollywood (or the Hindi Film Industry) does some have movies which rip off hollywood movies, but only the "copied" movies make the news, and so that other original movies don't really get the spotlight much.

I hope this clears some things up, but I know people will still act ignorant so I can't change everyone's opinion.

showtimefolks2712d ago

and yes a lot of times its just a straight rip off but i have also seen movies in hollywood being straight copy of bollywood movies

i uess it happens more in bollywood but its not like every movie being made in hollywood is completely original

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sinncross2713d ago

Well since it is coming to PS2 and PS3 they may as well make a PSV version I reckon.

Strange_Evil2713d ago

Bollywood has run out of ideas to ape from Hollywood so is now taking ideas from games lol.

At least they are making it exclusive to the Playstation in return of ripping off another exclusive (Infamous).

Either ways, it doesn't change the fact that the Games gonna suck.

281219862713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

A better explanation why is it a infamous Rip off

keith-ps32713d ago

wtf anyway that movie looked mad corny

Gray-Fox-Type02713d ago

this is pretty funny lol Sony trying to make money from india?

mastiffchild2712d ago

Funny how? I understanbd that a high percentage of Indian nationals live way below what we westerners would call the poverty line and a decent percentage live in absolute poverty but things are rapidly changing, maybe not as fast as a few years ago, but definitely India, along with china, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh et al all the differing extents are fast developing nations with man and brain power to burn. Sony cosying up to and trying to get to grips with this nation amnd it's people to grow some brand loyalty for the day when vidja games are a more accepted and available kind of hobby for India is juts amazing, foward thinking business sense that I'm surprised we aren't seeing a bit mopre of.

Certainly Indian money has been supporting a few western ganming products(not all great or fruitful ones,mind, as I believe a lot of the cash initially put up for Wardevi(and we all know what happened ther)was, allegedly and IIRC, from Indian businesses. Video games WILL be buig in India one day and even if, right now, they're like the Chinese in that the rip off machines are ruling te roost it makes total sense for Sony to try to show them the better ways into the gamning industry as devs, publishers and a society. It will serve both arties very well imho and Sony stand to be in a great position when an Indian boom comes along. Most Indian people I know are both generous and loyasl-the kind of people that will remember who was first to take them seriously. UI thin Sony are doing the right thing and imagine MS, Epic,EA, Ninty et al will all be doing similar things throughout the developing tiger economies of today having missed out on the likes of South Korea's boom which saw Sammy and LG make gazillions from a previously barren economy.

Is there, today, ANY westewrn country who doesn't totally envy and lag behind the internet infrastructure in SK? I think Iceland are trying for siilar coverage but it'lltake some time before even they get close and here in the UK some areas(within twenty miles of my home in the Lakes)you will still be stuck with lower than 1.5meg broadband speeds for AT LEAST the next six years. It doesn't compare to the blanket Korean coverage of over 100meg, now does it? That's te kind of mad acceleration Sony might be tapping into and I don't see it as funny at all. Just clever-help them do it and they will all benefit while backwards thinking countries like the UK(who, under the tories have removed the proposed funding and tax breeaks for the games industry whioch MIGHT have stopped developers, publishers and our talent from moving over seas. Britain currently pnches above it's weight in game development in terms of games made and talent out therew but soon they will stop games being made here and any talented English or Scots or Welsh or Ulster born talent will go to the EU, US, Canada or virtually any of the tech savvy Eastern nations who have looked after a growth industry rather than trying to milk it before it's grown because the don't "get" it.

India may well be ahead of the Uk ion five years when it comes to gaming so good on Sny to help them out now-the UK studios will probably be too ewxpensive a place to make games pretty soon. We are the third biggest consuming gaming country and our government is seeing to it that we support the industry less than ANY other similar sized player. Madness-when you see India getting going with the talent they will be able to produce(by number alone-let alone the work ethic those guys instill at school!)jus what hope will there be for our short sighted island?

Nothing funny about this, nothing at all.

sourav932713d ago

Lol I was going to argue that there's no electricity, but after watching an interview of the lead actor, who says that he'll have electric powers; bolts, electricity harnessing, force jumping, etc, this looks like its a blatant rip off. Well, the lead is making this movie as a request from his son, so I guess his son loves infamous? lol

showtimefolks2712d ago

and yes it does look like infamous.

if they put him on cover of the game it will sell quite well even if it sucks he is their biggest actor after bachan who no longer comes in movies.

smart on sony's behalf target one of the largest countries and make some $$$$$$

hopefully the game itself won't be that bad either

mastiffchild2712d ago

So Bachan was India's "biggest" actor but now no longer !"comes in movies"? the mind boggles as to what HIS games might have been like? A Bollywood style porno game where everyone bursts into celebratory song at the moment of climax?

I think Sony missed a trick and got the wrong guy-maybe we can tempt him into coming in the movies(or games) once again to take on this imposter to his crown!?

BTW,no offence./I'm just in a daft mood where typos of a slightly risque nature fuel my tiny mind. I'll get me coat.

maniactadpole2712d ago

Hans Zimmer is providing the background score for this movie.

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ViserysTargaryen2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

LMAO!!! Can't wait for the hero and bad guys to bust out a West Side Story style dance routine prior to combat.

Fanboys_suck2713d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ares842712d ago

How did you come back to life dude?? :D

Wasn't that gold hot enough for you that Drogo gave you as a crown? :D

ViserysTargaryen2712d ago

Dragons blood man, I have dragon blood in me! Actually if you read the books you'll realize that dead peeps come back to life quite often in this series...and with a new book coming out, why not me? Surely the author would not want to deprive The Seven Kingdoms of it's most notable douchebag?

KingPin2713d ago

transformers 3 watch out :P lmao