Modern Warfare 3 will be colour blind friendly

CVG: Modern Warfare 3 will have a 'Colour Blind Assist' option, Sledgehammer has confirmed.

VP of the new COD studio Michael Condrey confirmed the feature in an answer to a reader question on the Sledgehammer blog - but not before laying down some stats:

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red2tango2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

well at least there's "some" innovation
edit: I did not know other games have it. least there's something new in COD, even though I would prefer other things.

Ducky2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

A lot of games (such as BC2 on PC) already have a colour-blind mode.
So it isn't that innovative at all.

Amaterasu52690d ago Show
ichdich2690d ago

it will be noob friendly also.

deadpoole2690d ago

well said my friend ... effing well said.

brandonb212690d ago

what next, blind people friendly? i think they need to work on the gameplay then adding these kind of features last time i checked mw3 is loosening against battlefield 3

MidnytRain2690d ago

I remember a couple of years ago there was a petition for color-blind players to make MW2 friendly to them. It seems like it worked.

JeffGUNZ2690d ago

If you were color blind you would be happy that they are making the game with a color blind assist.

StanLee2690d ago

@ brandonb21

Last time you checked where? Have you been off the internet?!

Llama2690d ago

You're obviously an idiot, borderline retarded I'd guess but regardless.. color blind settings are already very common. COD: Black ops for example already has it so this isn't anything new.

Pozzle2686d ago

I highly doubt the gameplay is going to be any worse just because they decided to add a color blind option.

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ainsz2690d ago

It already is with all the greys and browns. Okay that's trolling, I'm sorry. But I have to say this is pretty good, it should become a norm for games eventually in my opinion.

Lord_Sloth2690d ago

It's nice to see games without color once in a whi- oh wait...

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