Digital gamers spend £24 a month

MCV: Gamers are spending over £20 every month on digital content. MCV’s survey into the habits and opinions of download-loving gamers showed that on average regular users of these services spend £24 on apps, virtual items, DLC, downloads and subscriptions.

We surveyed 633 gamers that regularly use services like PSN, XBLA, iTunes, Steam and

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Bolts2717d ago

All Steam's fault. The majority of my impulse spending goes there to games that I probably will never play.

I hate it how they trick me into spending money by constantly holding these irresistible sales. Bastards.

caboose322717d ago

Yea, I often find myself thinking with steam sales, "If I don't buy this now then I will never get the chance again to get it this cheap!!"........ and then I buy it.

Those deceiving bastards.

BeastlyRig2717d ago

That 24£ will get you more than on game on steam!