MediaKick Preview: F1 2011

MediaKick: "Two million units sold, the fastest selling game ever for the sport, and its first title to reach number one in over a decade. Let’s not forget the BAFTA either. Niggles aside, F1 2010 really was a cracking game. Or, so I’ve heard; see, I’m not exactly a big F1 fan. In fact, I’m not a fan of the motorsport at all. That said, I’m not oblivious to it either, I know the rules, racers, tracks, constructors and such, and it may even fill the space on my TV screen as it sits in the background – though that isn’t saying much, as given the chance I’d watch qualifying for Yorkshire pudding racing just to see if they sank. F1 is a sport that I neither adore nor detest, its just not for me; it was therefore a mild surprise at just how exciting F1 2011 was."

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