Burnout Crash gameplay footage dismays Burnout fans

DGP: "Watching the gameplay video, I can’t help but feel that Burnout fans are going to be dismayed. It’s undoubtedly better suited as a downloadable PSN/XBLA, but in all honesty it looks like one of many free-to-play internet flash games: absolutely nothing screams Burnout to me."

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Wizziokid2713d ago

um... yeah this looks like one of those miniclip games

NukaCola2713d ago

This looks terrible. Is that the narrator from Dance Dance Revolution? And what is up with all the casino slot machine "Ka-ching" sound bytes?

jaosobno2713d ago

I was too old for this shit when I was 5 years old.

theaceh2713d ago

Reminds me of GTA 1 & 2.

AntoineDcoolette2713d ago

Rofl the quality control at EA is slipping.

Madusha2713d ago

They are just going after a different style.

Acquiescence2713d ago

I've seen turds that carried more appeal than that footage.

Way to kill the franchise EA.

StarWolf2713d ago

Im glad they didnt try making a previous Burnout mode into a full retail game, which was my initial assumption of "Burnout Crash". I want a racing game. I want to select a track. I want a dark city tracks, San Fransisco map, sub-urban, free-way, heavy traffic, etc. different variety in tracks. WHY CANT I HAVE THIS?? Paradise gave me one giant map with hardly any variation and made me drive around looking for races. I shouldnt have to FIND a race in a racing game.

Corrwin2713d ago

It takes a lot to disappoint Burnout fans, especially after Paradise was released when it was only half finished.

After the fans showed infinite patience waiting for fairly standards racing features like Day/Night cycles, Bikes, Weather, I would have thought they'd go all out for the bigger, better game.

Guess not.

Redempteur2713d ago

paradise isn't a bad episode , content was here , there were ood free update and the paid dlc was good . what's more this was a burnout game.

on the other hand ..this ... well ..euh .i dunno what to say .

Quagmire2713d ago

No offense to Criterion Games, but Ive played Flash-Based games better than this. What they hell were they thinking?

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The story is too old to be commented.