Dear Neversoft: An open letter to the makers of Guitar Hero III

"This is not alright. And by this, I mean the seventh and eighth tiers of your newly released blockbuster, Guitar Hero III. When I first booted up the game, only hours after its release, I was surprised to find how much I loved the game. And I mean loved it. Sure, I've been a fan of the series since the release of Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360, but my initial feelings with the third game man me a true Guitar Hero fanboy. After playing through half of Expert, and finding myself stumped at the boss battle with Slash, I decided to turn down the difficulty and try and beat Hard first. Suffice it to say, the initial love that I had felt for the game was dismantled within seconds after hitting the seventh tier."

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Shankle4062d ago

What a twat. He can't handle the metal so he blames the game. He even called queens of the stone age grunge. What the hell?!

spec_ops_comm4062d ago

I completely agree with you. This letter is one of the most ridiculous displays of fanboyism I've ever seen.. What a whiny child crying over the choice of songs.. I guarantee he gets a boner every time he plays TTFATF, so maybe he should dry his eyes and just stick to quick play.

It's about time Guitar Hero started playing more current songs. They already have the 20 and 30 year old fans locked in with some Metallica and Rolling Stones, so why not get some of the younger crowd, such as myself, into the game with a few songs that were released AFTER I was born.

ruibing4062d ago

Oh so he didn't like the track list they selected. I thought it was something about the gameplay itself.

InMyOpinion4061d ago

He's contradicting the title of the game in a sense. I've usually connected the term "guitar hero" with people like Kerry King from Slayer or songs like The number of the beast by Iron Maiden. I mean tunes you that are air-guitar friendly. I really don't see where Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters fit in. I think they should add some heavier bands like Devildriver, or some real metal bands like Marduk and Gorgoroth. I wonder what those songs would look like on expert lol!

MyNutsYourChin4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

He's a f*cking moron and whiner. What douchebag goes out and buys Guitar Hero III and then complains about the setlist being too difficult on "expert". It's supposed to be difficult you a**raper. Oh and Queens of the Stoneage, Slipknot, and Disturbed are not Grunge, dipsh*t. This dink needs to be flatboarded in the face with a hardwood oak plank.

In my opinion, Slayer was one of the most difficult and The Metal by Tancious D was an awesome add to the selection.

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killercam194062d ago

there are some great songs in gh3 but there are sum unnecessary ones like"THE METAL" and a few other dreadfully boring tracks.......there were some really bad choices of songs like chilli pep suck my kiss is lame they should have used cant stop i mean damn there are some really bad choices in the soundtrack

sticky doja4062d ago

How about under the bridge, breaking the girl, give it away, love rollercoaster or something like that. They have 15 songs better than Can't least.

games4fun4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

i actually thought they should have replaced it with cant stop too

and the guy in the reveiw is whining over choice of song. So what were they supposed to do consult him personally? this just goes to show its his personal preference the songs although not 100% perfect in my book are pretty good all in all just quick crying like a baby you could have looked up wat songs were on it before buying.

Shankle4061d ago

Can't stop is a great song but has a fairly boring guitar part. Under the bridge is an awesome song with beautiful guitar.

vgn244062d ago

WAH WAH WAH. That was the whiniest drivvle of an article I've ever read. I think there is a reason this guy is writing for a blog and Neversoft makes games.

OOG FunK4062d ago

makes sense tho i'd be mad if the songs I hated the most and were the most repetative were in the final stages

Imallvol74062d ago

I thought that it would be about how bad the ps3 controller is. FIX THAT THING. I am NOT buying it till the guitar works right!

YoMeViet4062d ago

Mine works fine. O_o Did you buy yours at Wal-Mart perhaps?

BulletToothtony4062d ago

i didn't know if you bought it at walmart quality would be worse.. what are you implaying?? i don't get it

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