Capcom Readying Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

Andriasang: Capcom has quite the bundle on the way for Resident Evil's 15th anniversary. Set for release exclusively through e-Capcom is the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box.

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Quagmire2538d ago

Why the heck is Resident Evil Revival Selection only on Disc for Japan, but in downloadable form for the rest of the world?

I hate digital, rather have a disc....which I can then sell once I'm done.

keith-ps32538d ago

with out re4 there would be no third view shoot them up games no gears no drake thank u capcom for that but im not buying this cuz ive already had them on my psx ps2 dreamcast and gamecube i would be in heaven if i was 13 teen and never played not 1 of them

Hellbound19782538d ago

Capcom you can keep your stinky "Resident Evil Director's Cut"! They should have put the original RE in there, not that atrocity. The music was HORRIBLE!

CNXN2538d ago

The Cows getting dry...

MrSpace2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

So are they bringing this to Europe/US

I want an english version but I doubt that's going to happen.

You know it's funny the Japanese video game market always want their games to appeal to the west but when they have a chance to do that with something like this....they don't do