EA on Steam Store Disappearances, BF3 still not coming?

When Crysis 2 conspicuously vanished from the Steam store a few weeks back, speculation was rife that EA had monopolised it for sale under their own Origin distribution platform. Speculation ran further rife with the worry that the same might end up being true for the upcoming Battlefield 3, and no-one was pleased. Now, EA have publicly commented on the move, with the head of their global e-commerce division, David DeMartini, releasing a statement on the matter today.

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Kamikaze1352510d ago

I call BS on it. If that was really the case, why is Dragon Age 2 still on there? In fact, why are ANY of their games on there?

Mr_Lu_Kim2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Did you read the story and then go to the EA forums and read what the EA man said???

I really really want this game. But I am not getting it at all if getting it on Steam means having to install Origin as well, it works horrible for Steam Games that use Games For Windows Live.

EA have always had terrible customer service and their old "EA download manager" ew ew ew.

I really want this on PC but I'll give it the miss if Origin is 100% guaranteed required even if I buy retail or Steam copies.

I could just get it for the PS3 /s lol

Pandamobile2510d ago

Why do you guys act like Origin is the end of the world. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it besides the fact that it's not Steam.

Crysis 2 was removed from Steam because Crytek had some exclusive agreement with Gamespy to distribute the DLC. That was against one of Valve's policies, so, Valve removed it.

I doubt EA will keep BF3 off Steam.

Mr_Lu_Kim2510d ago

What country do you live in Panda?

The Australian zoning prices on Origin are WALLET RAPE!

I had a look and considered the pre-order but first tried origin and the EA store. No thanks no how.

If it does come to Steam and then requires you to log in to Origin each time to play I am out. I have read that even retail copies will still force you to use Origin to initiate the install so you can't even buy retail just for the SP and stay offline.

The worst thing is having to loose the ability to use Steam voice chat, all my friends list and the community features to a far worse service.

led10902510d ago

@ lu kim - Well that works both ways buddy. I live in india, and the steam standard rates of 40$ are too expensive. On origin, games are priced more reasonably at 20$. So whats bad for you is good for me and might be for others too

Mr_Lu_Kim2510d ago


I am sure $40 of what ever it is you guys use over in India is a lot /s

$40 anywhere is good. Let me do a comparison the $100 AU they want for a new game on origin comes to 4,777.13 INR if that makes any sense to you.

I would be happy with $40 which is only 1,910.85 INR. EA and their whore Origin is just out to rip big bucks of stupid people.

evrfighter2509d ago

I've never trusted EA even before BF3 was announced during the whole hippie we love EA bandwagon and I always voiced that when I could.

I can care less about Origin as I have a few games on comrade, a few games on EADL, and a few games on impulse, oh and a few games on GFWL, and one or two games on GoG

see where I'm getting at?

Problem is it's becoming a pain in the ass keeping track of all these games. Now what happens should THQ or Ubisoft enter the DD platform game? It becomes a huge mega cluster fuck of games spread out everywhere.

Disccordia2508d ago

I just want one unified system for pc gaming. It's convenient and that's why up until now steam has been great. If other publishers start doing this then I am afraid that I'll be turning my back completely away from pc gaming

BattleAxe2508d ago

"Unfortunately, if we’re not allowed to manage this experience directly and establish a relationship with you, it disrupts our ability to provide the support you expect and deserve. At present, there is only one download service that will not allow this relationship. This is not our choice, and unfortunately it is their customer base that is most impacted by this decision. We are working diligently to find a mutually agreeable solution."

So basically they're trying to cut digital distributors out of the loop when it comes to selling DLC. Personally I hate the way EA is going about selling DLC. I don't want to go through a separate store to buy DLC for Mass Effect, Crysis 2 or any other game, I want to buy DLC the same way I can on the Playstation Store, that way I always have access to it. Look at Burnout Paradise for PC, you have to go through EA's online store to buy the DLC, only problem is that they've shut down the Burnout Paradise Marketplace so its impossible to download any of the add-ons now.

Doing business like this makes things harder for the gamer, and I bet that if EA did a survey, they would find that nobody wants the "special relationship" that this dick keeps talking about. Give us the games, and support the games with DLC made available to the digital distributor that we bought the game from.

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DeadlyFire2508d ago

Same thing happened when HL2 required STEAM. Everyone bitched and moaned, but who loves STEAM now?

Why are yall so scared of the Origin? Its the same thing. EA will learn and it will grow just as Valve has done.

Glad I won't be seeing whiny players on my Battlefield.

NCAzrael2508d ago

Except that EA hasn't learned, and the EA Store/EA Link/Origin hasn't come close to what Valve has done with Steam. Steam has succeeded in being what Games for Windows LIVE wanted to be: a unified PC platform. Valve gets PC gamers, because that is who they develop for first and foremost. Look at the summer sale currently going on, and the constant weekend deals, not to mention the way Steam makes managing my PC games (even ones not purchased through Steam) easier than managing my console games could ever be.

If EA wants to launch a service to try to compete with Steam, that's fine. I'm all for fair business practices. I've even defended EA's Online Pass business model, so it's not like I'm anti-EA. I am, however, pro-Steam, and I want the *choice* to use my preferred platform to buy and more importantly manage my games.

In 6 years Steam has continued to grow and improve and make me happy with my PC gaming experience. And in 6 years the EA store has failed to live up to any of its potential, and as far as I know still charges extra just to ensure that I can reinstall my games several years later should I find myself in a situation where I lose my install data.

DeadlyFire2508d ago

Well they can't learn very on how to build a better service without consumers. Noone is going to want to jump into Origin unless its on par or better then STEAM and EA can't do that without learning a few things from the consumers and testing their service.

Its possible they want Origin to require authentication of some kind for new EA games like Battlefield 3 and it might violate a STEAM policy. Either way could you think of a better way to launch your online service then by requiring one of the major games to be locked into it.

STEAM and EA are very friendly though they are not enemies. Any publisher sees dollar signs isn't going to lock out a way to sell a game unless they believe it benefits them more so to do it that way. I see Mass Effect series on STEAM.

news4geeks2509d ago

Luckily I'm not into these casual FPS games or I would be very disappointed.

Raptura2509d ago

As I post this, not a single person has any agrees and everyone has at least one disagree. I find it amusing.

Anyway, I want this game on Steam. I have Origin, I have games on there, but I don't want to use it.

darksied2507d ago

I know this was more than a day ago, but one quick comment on this: you know that you don't have to use Origin, right? Origin will activate your game, and then you never have to have it running again. On the other hand, Steam will always have to be running in the background. Just to be clear.

Bonobo123452509d ago

well, just got a sweet ass PC but it looks as if I'll be getting this for PS3.. Bummer man, I REALLY like steam.

Sarobi2509d ago

I Believe BF3 will make it on to Steam, the last thing EA wants is to find out that they are pissing off their most loyal consumers, which is the PC Gamers.

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