GamerGaia's EA Summer Show Roundup

Missed the EA Summer Showcase earlier? Don't worry your head about it - sit back, stick your reading glasses on and dive right into this little summary of EA's latest gaming treats. The show got off to a slow start, working its way from more casual games that tend to make us snore to hardcore titles that get us gamers going. I'll take you through the titles that the company chose to showcase, tell you all about the latest for each game and (since I love the sound of my keyboard keys clacking) throw in my two cents for good measure. Enjoy!

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TinaLauro2718d ago

I had a blast writing this piece! What was your personal highlight of the EA Summer Showcase? I'd love to know!

Calidreth2718d ago

The Secret World certainly does look awesome, especially with such a wide range of powers to choose from. Also, can never get enough Dragon Age II; easily one of my favorite series from the gen.

jmobley2717d ago

does look awesome....not as awesome as star wars though!

DanielComfort2717d ago

Interesting stuff in there, yesterday. Going to sound lame, but I was rather excited about iPad to iPhone communication for gaming.

jmobley2717d ago

it was cool but where is my Mass Effect 3!?

Saryk2717d ago

The Secret World. Been a forum member since it was mentioned, same username. I am a big Supernatural fan so this game suits me fine!