The Possible Source of the Gears of War 3 Leak

Cops, take a break. According to a tweet by a French game developer, a website named Codify, which is currently hosting a range of Xbox promotional material for the Australasian market, had a near full build version of Gears 3 on their servers.

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X_iGame_X2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

What a fail haha. The guys must've been drunk when they uploaded the files.

Madusha2718d ago

Shocked at the lack of care they have taken. It appears almost like it was done on purpose...hmmm

Hitman07692718d ago

I'm wondering where this came from myself.?

pumal2718d ago

Microsoft did it!? "Codify lists Microsoft as one of their clients."

If that is the case, shouldn't Microsoft moderate such sites to make sure this doesn't happen?

X_iGame_X2718d ago

This was probaly a mistake by the host.

JD_Shadow2718d ago

Or maybe MS themselves planned this "leak" to get more publicity for the game. I wouldn't put it past some game publishers/devs to plan something like that. Some people think of everything.

SuperLupe2718d ago

Dont think a franchise like Gears needs marketing stunts such as this one..

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