inFamous 2 Hero Edition Gets Huge Price Drop, Buy it Now

inFamous 2 'Hero' Edition is currently being sold for an electrifying low-price.

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X_iGame_X2720d ago

$100 to $60..meh I'll just have the game alone please =P

Perjoss2720d ago

why a price drop, is it not selling well?

UltimateIdiot9112720d ago

Not sure but a week ago, it was $60 at PC Richards. That's where I've gotten my for $60.

Kur02720d ago

Special editions always get price dropped quickly.

MitchGE2720d ago

Motherpuncher, goddamnit, I already bought the regular edition.

UltimateIdiot9112720d ago

Good tip for the future. These collector editions always drop in price fast (normally down to the same price of a regular edition, some times even less) usually in an month or two. It took a great deal of power to fight the urge on buying Infamous 2 Hero Edition when it first came out and weeks later but that all paid off.

You do run the risk of the game being sold out or waiting for a long time before it finally hit the sweet spot but I say the risk are pretty low these days.

Just my $.02. Also, check out the Slickdeals and CAG forum and you'll be a smarter shopper.

himdeel2720d ago

Got mine for $75 release day from Amazon. Was totally worth it with misc credit I had. I play both good and evil games as Reaper and Kessler. I just wish you could use the Kessler skin and samurai sword. My first play through was with the samurai sword on good karma.

DarkBlood2720d ago

techically i see see quite a few edition boxs at futureshop.

Lifendz2719d ago

This is why I don't buy a collector's/special edition for it's MSRP. You're better off waiting because they always make more than what the demand is and the retailers need to sell them to clear shelf space.

It doesn't mean the game isn't selling though. If I remember correctly, the Halo Reach collector's edition also went on sale a little after release.

If companies really want an edition to be special or limited than they should only make a thousand or so to be sold worldwide, # each one individually, and include some sort of team signed poster.

mastiffchild2719d ago

Meh, was hoping this was a UK offer for the version/CE with the blue/red controllers. I'd have gone for a blue controller and then sold the sealed game/traded it on(already got the game itself) but I've no room or interest for normal action figure/steelbook/artbook editions. not my bag and never was, really. Never seems like the merch is of anything like the quality i;'d wish to display-and it's not that i'd be ashamed to have a Cole on the shelf I'd just be ashamed at the quality we get in Spec eds.

My mum, blass her, got me a spec edition of Reach with THAT set of posed figures/little statues and I have to wheel them out when she comes round but normally they stay well hidden! Again, if they weren't just a freize of placcy tackiness I'd be happy to have a Spartan or two(or the full Noble!)but niether Bungie, Sony nor the rest of the industry EVER gives us stuff I think worth putting up on the wall/shelf. I'd much rather a few nice prints of concept art with the normal game or for just a few quid extra. I DID like the electric blue DS3 though!

Maybe ?I expect too much but what's the ploint if they can't get soething good out for the price? Just seems like they're trying it on even more than usual and as the only industry in the world that fails to see any benefit in second hand sales of their product(or see people selling them on as maybe a sign they could have made a better effin game) that's saying something.

dead_eye2719d ago

must only be america that it ain't selling well.

Iroquois_Pliskin2719d ago

well, i can honestly say that im.... Shocked.

Liquid_Ocelot2719d ago

Anybody notices how the only ones that seem to never go down in price are the CoD LE.

Anyway, back on topic.. I'm going to try to get this one

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mugoldeneagle032719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

At Best Buy we've got the Killzone 3 Helghast for 49.99.

I bought it when it first came out, and the helemt/book keeper is a pretty cool add on. The Sniper action figure is pretty sweet too

(Work plug not intended)

showtimefolks2719d ago

for the bag itself and i was not disappointed. I still have the bag but no longer hold the copy of my game i guess time to buy it again for $40 less

killzone 3 helgast edition is or was on sale at bestbuy for 49.99 also

these special or limited editions are not taht limited after all because my bestbuy had a lot of them

one thing that's changing in gaming industry is when a game launches you can do few things:

buy it at launch and get 15-25 dollar gift card depending on where you getting it from

or wait a week or 2 and save 30 bucks

look at fear3,shadow of damned both selling for $40 bucks while duke nukeum will be down to 10-15 within a month

now a days hold yourself and just wait a couple of weeks to get the best possible deal

DrRichtofen2720d ago

Idk its tempting but that backpack it comes with looks really cheap, but I am basing that off the just picture so I can't really tell.

sorceror1712720d ago

The bag isn't particularly cheap. I thought it was a decent little bonus, though I've only used it once so far. The rest of it I didn't care about... but the super voucher is nice, all the skins and extra powers and stuff. If that appeals to you, the Hero Edition is worth getting.

On the other hand, in a year or so all those extras will be a free download off PSN. That's what they did with the I1 pre-order bonuses, and I assume it'll be the same here.

UltimateIdiot9112720d ago

It's a pretty solid bag. It's not the quality of a $100 bag but it's at least at $20 quality bag. It's big enough to hold quite a few things like water bottle, skateboard (on the outside like how the bag holds the amp), 15 inch laptop, wallet, random small things, etc.

Not only that, I've gotten quite a few compliments on the bag. =] Worth the $60 for the Hero Edition.

The only thing I wish was a little different about the bag is to be able to switch between left and right shoulder. It's design to go over right shoulder only.

DrRichtofen2720d ago

Thanks for the detailed description the bag sounds like its really nice, I might pick this up now :D

admiralvic2720d ago

I agree and I bought the CE for the bag alone! It's a good size and highly portable. Theres not much marking on it so people will notice its a gaming item. Its got the mesh weve you would see in a jansport or other such popular back pack. There is a lightly padded shoulder strap and is lightly padded on the inside. You can remove the phone holder if you dont want it (in my case my phone doesnt fit) and looks just find after.

The Sly patch is actually very nice quality and overall the bag has some neat side things. Like if you unbuckle the slot where the sly patch is theres a small pocket and the zipper opens a LOT of the bag so getting things in/out is a breeze. Unlike a lot of items you see in collectors editions this was actually intended for people to use and it shows.

Just_The_Truth2720d ago

it is cheap now but i regret buying this for 100 mainly b/c i didn't really like the game all that much story wise. The statue looks nothing like the new cole and the new cole looks nothing like the old cole(Infamous1). The comic was ok it's only like 6 pages though. The reaper and kessler skins are pretty sweet, so is the sly cain, but the backpack has a really plastic feel not like cloth which was dissapointing. If you a super fan it's probably worth it but other wise it an ok package at best.

LOGICWINS2720d ago

The color of the bag is ridiculous. Why couldn't they just make it the same color as Cole's bag in the game?

ksense2720d ago

the only reason for me is that you get all the pre order bonuses from various retailers in one code with that super voucher.

UltimateIdiot9112720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I actually like the color of the bag, it's not too bright of an orange and matches pretty well with most clothes (for me at least).

Jazz41082719d ago

I'm playing through the capign now and I have come across a lot of bugs. The games is fun but very repetive.

Snowii2720d ago

60 dollars?

thats really tempting

Cheeseknight282719d ago

I picked it up earlier. The bag sells for $35-50 on eBay, and the statue is roughly $20. So... the game, voucher, and comic are free.

No complaints. Going to get my money back, I have no use for a small bag or statue.

StitchJones2720d ago

Too many games do the 'limited edition' thing these days. Plus the things that come with the games normally are not really worth it. Most gamers must have at least 6+ statues of one figure or another. And it's just collects dust. I mean I have my Helgast helmet in my basement to scare the mice away. And I have no room in my house for it.

UltimateIdiot9112720d ago

You don't have to get these "limited editions" and they use the term collector edition or whatever they want to dub it these days. They say it's in limited quantity and it is even if it's produce in a huge batch.

I got this for the bag mainly. I decided to wait for the price to drop and it did. I'm glad I waited out.

If you perceive there to be little value in the collector edition, then simply don't get it.

sickbird2720d ago

i wish more games would have special editions that are just a hard metal case with an art book and sound track. I love getting special editions but i dont want that big box and all that crap. Just a nice case and art book would be great.

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