Removing Credit Card Difficulties with Xbox 360

Adding a credit card to your Xbox Live account is a breeze, but taking it off is a whole other story...

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DaThreats2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

They want you to get soo frustrated from failing to remove your information, that you will just give up and leave your credit card info in there.
So MS will be happy just collecting more of your money.

JellyJelly2516d ago

They can't collect any money by you just having your credit card on there.

One thing that's tricky as hell though is that if you've subscribed to Xbox Live, for let's say a month, you need to end it manually or it will just continue and automatically charge you for the next month as well. I hate that.

FEARprototype2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

good thing i registered a per-paid card^^

asmith23062516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I got shafted by M$ for €180 at the time because of the automatic renewal! It says nowhere when you sign up over the xbox that this feature is there. I didn't even use the xbox at the time. Then you go to the website and you cant even turn it off there regardless of what instructions you follow. You have to ring 'customer care' which takes ages. Use the pre paid cards people, don't put any of your credit cards, debit cards, etc up on Live.

t0mmyb0y2516d ago

"They can't collect any money by you just having your credit card on there."


"...or it will just continue and automatically charge you for the next month as well."

So which is it? :D

JellyJelly2516d ago

@t0mmyb0y - It's both :D

Them having your credit card information won't make you lose your money. You having a monthly subscription may cause automatic renewal.

WombBat2516d ago

I absolutely hate this about Xbox LIVE, this really takes them down a notch in my book.

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TBM2516d ago

I always said live is like the mob once your in they wont let you leave lol. When I canceled my gold membership I had to call customer service to do it, they tried to bribe me with a free 1000pts but I told them that I barely play online with the system and to keep the pts lol.

I'll gladly stay a silver member from now on.

KingPin2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

i hope you guys don't use the same credit card online that your guys monthly income comes into. that would just be plain stupid.

i created a separate account for my online dealings. and i deposit the required amount into it before using it. that way if it gets hacked or anything, i only lose that said money not my life savings.

so yeah, they can keep my credit card info. i not worried. theres no cash in there anyways until i need to buy anything.

Disccordia2516d ago

Sounds like you are confusing CREDIT cards with DEBIT cards.

Venjense2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

This is why sometimes I hate MS, their tactics are so underhanded and pathetic frankly. There's no reason to make removing you credit card so difficult. This and MS point structures are my on real complaints about them but the money grubbing makes them look petty and pathetic.

All that hassle for a few accidental unwanted subscriptions....scoundrels.

DirtyLary2516d ago

Watch out. Your LIVE yearly dues will be due. Yet they will wait a whole month to charge you, happened to me. Their system is slow, could screw over someone not budgeting.

VTKC2516d ago

I have had this problem in not being able to remove info.
The only way I have managed to sort of solve it is by ringing my bank and cancelling the card.

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