Hey Mountain Dew, Where's our Game Fuel?

Joe writes - "An official campaign to bring back Mountain Dew Game Fuel. One minute we’re sucking down the best flavor the Dew has ever produced while not giving a sh*t about life playin’ Halo 3 all night, the next we’re begging CVS to sell us palettes of it because it was leaving.

Then 2009 came along. Mountain Dew laughed at the peasants one more time by giving them a suckling of the glorious nectar in the form of WoW bottles in two flavors. But this day, would not last long. No it wouldn’t, my friends. The Dew got rid of the money juice by Summer’s end. That flavor represented more than an other worldy beverage. It represented the last teetering edge of my childhood before I had to grow up and deal with how awful the world is. You took that away from us, Mountain Dew. You killed our childhood."

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