Bonus Round Episode 14: Part 1 - Uwe Boll

Have you ever wondered why video game movies always seem to suck? A lot of people blame German director Uwe Boll for poisoning the genre with films like Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. This time in the Bonus Round Uwe Boll tries to defend his track record.

Why is he doing movies based on games? How can he still be in the business?

Find out in the Bonus Round.

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lynx1halo3733d ago

Although he does make some good financial points this guy is a total joke.....and an instant sign that a movie is going to be crap if his name is on it.....I mean look at his trac record and how many Game- to - movies hes butchered

rubarb233733d ago

i hate this guy. is it me or is the bonus round getting lame? last couple shows were crap. a recap of this year's events and then interviewing 3 retarded kids at the e for all expo.

evyrew3733d ago

Interviewing gamers was a good idea, but it's hard for people to be on camera for the first time. But yea, the recap episodes seemed like an easy time filler. Maybe they're planning something big for Christmas...

rubarb233732d ago

yeah i hope your right dude. i love the bonus round, but yeah last couple of episodes were crap. man i couldn't stand listening to those kids talk dude. i don't think any of them had hit puberty yet.

Zavier3732d ago

Why on earth is he still have a job!!!?? Hell why is he still alive!!!!

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