A Call From Heaven: Shane Bettenhausen Talks About El Shaddai Part 1 of 2

Andrew Nino of GamerGaia writes "UTV Ignition is known for high-quality games such as Deadly Premonition Blacklight: Tango Down. Luckily, I managed to catch up with Ignition's Director of Business and Marketing Shane Bettenhausen at the Los Angeles Anime Expo this July 3. Bettenhausen was kind enough to field a few questions about Ignition's upcoming dreamlike action-platformer, El Shaddai. He attributed El Shaddai's warm reception at the convention to the game's deep roots in anime and explained why El Shaddai is aiming for a unique treatment of Christian mythology rather than simply "selling" the religion. "

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DangerousDanMcGrew2690d ago

Interesting stuff, this wasn't really on my radar but now I may be looking into it.

pungello882690d ago

Yeah, I'd vaguely heard about it but am now curious.

rmoar2690d ago

Good interview, but I need to see more of the game to be convinced.

Cwalk8162690d ago

I agree, it seems a little too weird even for a Japanese title, and that's very hard to achieve.

jmobley2690d ago

I think it looks kinda cool

DanielComfort2690d ago

Agree with rmoar. I do need me some good platforming, however.

jmobley2690d ago

You should play outland

jmobley2690d ago

it's a got a cool looking art style, so thats cool

TinaLauro2690d ago

This interview is fantastic and engaging. What a lovely read! It has me intrigued, even though this isn't my usual style of game.