Tales Of Xillia - 6 Minutes New Trailer Revealed

Check out the latest trailer of Tales Of Xillia

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Servbot2355d ago

Damn good looking games. Hoping for a much more timely localization, unlike that other Tales game that we're still waiting on.

BizDaWolf2355d ago

wish this was coming to the U.S.

MoreRPG2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

wait this isn't coming to the us???

TheBatman_Fanatic2355d ago

I think all Tales fans can agree with this comment. I want this game so bad, but knowing Namco, it's a slim chance that it will get localized.

Gregard2355d ago

Hopefully Graces will do Well enough for Bamco to bring this to us as well

ninjablaze2355d ago

looks good

this coming out for 360?

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