Steal This Game: Halo: Reach

There are plenty of games franchises that could use a helping hand to improve. So we're going to start stealing the best bits from the games we love and figuring out how to insert them into games that would benefit most.

Halo: Reach, Bungie's swan song to the Halo universe, takes what's been done well for the past decade and makes it all even better. There's a lot of great things in Halo: Reach -- things other games need. Hold on to your britches, Halo, you're about to get jacked.

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vishant1012692d ago

one of the games that has the best of everything

Psychonaughty2692d ago

I strongly disagree, I felt it was the second worst in the series after the horrendous Halo2, keeping in mind I'm almost exclusively SP focused. I also felt ODST was by far the best Halo since CE and I'm glad Bungie have moved on tbh.

Reach for me had the worst story and the worst characters of the lot, although beautiful at times it was also the least polished since the pop-in mess that was Halo2, with a terrible framerate and weird graphical glitches when playing split-screen coop.

Please 343 if your reading this, what made Halo CE so great was the effort put into it's SP and although I understand the financial reasons for MP (it's kills rentals), Halo CE is regarded by most fans as the best in the series for a reason, keeping in mind it's SP focus, yeah the MP was a fun distraction but it never took itself too seriously with it's hilarious custom physics (not generic Havok) and wasn't trying desperately to be COD.

I've said my peace and I suspect many online will disagree with me but I'd say the majority of people who bought all Halo's never go online anyway hence the vocal minority as always gets heard and the millions of gamers who just want a damn fine SP are forgotten, shame.

Swiggins2692d ago

The Majority of people who bought all Halo's never go online anyway.....the vocal minority....

Dude...What the hell are you smoking, I want some. -_-

Psychonaughty2691d ago

@Rainbow-Dash Hmm let me think, Halo Reach has sold 8.48m so far and at it's peak it had 200,000-250,000 online at once (on the weekends) so yes by far the majority of people who bought all of the Halo's never go online and the ones that have are obviously the ones talking about it online, hence "the vocal minority" comment.

I have played all Halo games online except for CE obviously but only for a very short period and in fact everyone I know has played Halo games offline far more than they've played them online and it's us the majority that 343 should cater too as Bungie should have but failed miserably in doing.

Next time if you aren't going to have a constructive criticism or a coherent arguement don't bother commenting.

Swiggins2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Just because there's only 200,000 (BTW it's actually closer to 1 million FYI, there's over 750,000 online right now as I speak and its 9AM) people online at any given time doesn't mean that more people care about singleplayer, it means that not everybody is on at the same time.

Looking at it statistically it's the exact opposite, more people care about the online then they do the campaign, the amount of hour's on average for people playing the campaign is maybe 10 to 25 hours, just to do everything on a specific difficulty, etc.

The amount of time people spend on Multiplayer not only much higher roughly 40-50 hours, there's more people too.

That Vocal Minority you're bitching about is actually the Vocal Majority.

Next time you're going to start talking out your ass, make sure you can at least convincingly lie.

Oh and one more thing *blows razzberry* U C WUT I DID THAR!?

Psychonaughty2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Nah you're wrong, your figures are way way out, go and check them this time, I guarantee most people who buy Halo games do so for SP. If they made a MP only Halo I bet you it would sell far less than ODST did.

I see you are far too amature to have a proper discussion with so I'll leave it at that and btw welcome to the N4G community, you will fit in very well here.