Update on Resistance 3 Beta

Can't wait to get back to fighting of the Chimera and blasting your friends away online? Well you won’t have to wait too much longer because Insomniac games just released some nice little tidbits about the upcoming beta for Resistance 3; only problem is you won’t be able to play it the first month it’s live.

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pungello882391d ago

I wish I was family and/or friends of the staff...

TinaLauro2391d ago

Where do I sign up? :P This should be an excellent beta of an excellent game. Let the excitement begin!

jmobley2391d ago

gotta wait till august to get in

GetoverHere1222391d ago

I predict they will eventually just let everyone in like Uncharted 3.

bloodybutcher2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@ jmobley
that´s what she said.

DanielComfort2391d ago

August? Poooooo.

Aw, well. Much love to Insomniac, so I can wait.

trainsinrdr2391d ago

1 question will this game use the auto health regen or is health pickups back?

jmobley2391d ago

not sure, would rather have auto regen though

pungello882391d ago

Totally I hate searching for health packs

SoapShoes2390d ago

It's health packs for single player so maybe for multi again. Auto regen sucks, it makes it too easy!

Nitrowolf22391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

from Single Player its Health Pickup. Multiplayer i am unsure, according to this they removed it.

The thing that makes me unsure with Online is that Chimera have regen. It's part o their ability in the story, so i'm unsure if it'll transfer online.

Soldierone2391d ago

At E3 the single player had to find health packs. Not sure of online. From what i saw people were regenerating health after a certain amount of time.

GetoverHere1222391d ago

I'm wondering whether betas are all of a sudden becoming just another part of developing a game. It used to be tricky to get into betas, now it seems every game has one. I find I don't want to participate in a beta if it is going to ruin my initial impressions of the game.

jmobley2391d ago

well they are all around good for the games industry

pungello882391d ago

Yeah, I generally am a little too lazy to take advantage of a beta but I guess it could spoil the initial impressions. I never thought about that

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