How to be the Cheapest Gamer Possible

Six ways to add to your gaming collection without hurting your money collection.

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theonlylolking2516d ago

The CHEAPEST way to game is on the PC. For a PC that could run BF3 like in the trailers would be like $500. That PC would last you for a long time, PC games are cheaper, steam(nuff said), community that lasts longer so you can keep playing the same game for a long time and with mods it lasts even longer, and instead of buying a whole new PC just upgrade individual parts that you need.

The bad thing about PC gaming is that you dont get any playstation exclusives, which are a whole lot.

Nitrowolf22516d ago

Sick of peple saying you have to spend $1000+ on a PC that can run these games on max setting when in truth it can cost $500-$800 if you buy the right parts. And truth is you don't need to upgrade every few month or year. My friend had his PC for a few years and spent under $800 on his, and he can run most high end games just fine.

That's the only thing that turns me off about PC gaming. They get awesome exclusive to, but i enjoy console exclusive a lot and they tend to get a lot more.

Brash_Attack2516d ago

I play on a 800 laptop that can run anything on max settings.

Plus, the Steam Summer Sale is breaking my wallet. Can't beat L4D1 and 2 for 7.50.