Iwata: Nintendo ignoring traditional 4-year console cycle

In a recent conference to detail Nintendo's Q3 financial results, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mused on the subject of the firm's hardware development and industry expectations on when, perhaps, the Nintendo DS will step aside for a new portable. Iwata, however, claimed that Nintendo has thrown the traditional four-year cycle for new hardware out of the window in favour of a more inflexible approach. The DS, he inferred, was still offering up innovation, so it's place in the forefront of Nintendo's mind is still secured.

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Filanime034062d ago

I am glad nintendo will not follow xbox 4 year cycle. I really don't wannr to keep buying new system every 4 years.

Jack Bauer4062d ago

why bother trying to improve and evolve gaming when you can release a game system as powerful as the generation before it that prints money?

why im glad we have the competition PS and xbox cause without it, there would be no need to improve, which is bad.

socomnick4062d ago

Im glad the Xbox 360 and the ps3 are so close the quality of games that are going to be launched by both systems is good for us the consumer. Its
so close this generation even the power of both systems is almost equal.

IntelligentAj4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I hope this doesn't backfire on them with the Wii.

Edit:@Close second
Didn't know about any contract dispute but that would explain a lot. I also agree with the fact that a PS2 with a wiimote would be unbeatable.

@I don't take sides
I agree that the I don't think the Wii will last 3 years because software innovation can only compete but so much with hardware as time passes on. The dev's can be as innovative as they want but eventually people will want more, and that's when the Wii will run into it's trouble.

Close_Second4062d ago

...Commodore did the same thing in the early 90's with the Amiga 500. The Amiga 1200 should have been released 2 years before it actually was.

Also, to all the Xbox haters - one of the reasons the original Xbox was dropped so quickly was because of a contract dispute between NVidia and Microsoft. Basically, when the contract period ended NVidia decided not to renew forcing MS to release the 360 sooner rather than later. I do however feel that the new MS console will be upon us by 2011 - which is probably about right given the speed at which hardware changes.

Come 2011 you'll have 1GB (or probably higher) video cards as standard in addition to 2-3GB system memory. Even though the PS3 is somewhat future proofed both it and the 360 are going to look positively antiquated compared to what PC gaming will offer in 4-5 years time. I personally believe that consoles should work to a 5 year shelf life and phased out over 2 years upon the new model being released.

However, if consumers want consoles to hang around longer then so be it. You don't need the latest and greatest for it to still be fun...just look at how the PS2 is still selling. Heck, put the Wii controller on the PS2 and I'd rather have a PS2 any day of the week over a Wii.

IdontTakeSides4062d ago

I personally don't feel that the Wii can keep the momentum going for.the next 3 years...Nintendo is relying heavly on the Wiimote as it's selling point but as we can see..Nintendo is the only one trying to do innovative thing with it...?

But as Close_Second stated..i'll rather have a PS2 with a Wii mote than buying a Wii.....

BrotherNick4061d ago

Haha, I myself am slightly worried...most of Nintendo's big guns have launched many of their franchise titles. You got Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Smash Bros within the the first one and a fourth years. All these games sell big, and all of them at once makes me curious to what they have in their sleeve to sell next.

UltramanJ4062d ago

Since when was four years the traditional life cycle for a console? The Playstations have all far exceeded four years, while the Gamecube and N64..oh wait a second. Nintendo's putting on a spin with this new "attitude" because the DS is doing well in the market. If it were another Gamecube or Virtualboy the attitude would be different.

Rooftrellen4062d ago

Success or fail, Nintendo has had 5 year lifecycles.

the NES and SNES lived no longer than the N64 or GC.

UltramanJ4062d ago

If you think the NES and SNES lasted no longer than the N64 and GC, then you weren't gaming back then, or were too young to know anything that was going on.
The Famicom (NES)released in July of 1983. The US NES released on October 18, 1985 and wasn't discontinued until 1995.
The Super Famicom (SNES) launched in Japan on November 21, 1990. The US SNES released in August 1991 and production didn't cease until 1999. The last first party game released was Kirby's Dreamland 3 in 1997.
Four year life cycles? Far from it.

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