Direct2Drive Is Holding The Ultimate Summer Sale On PC Games

Summer is great in all but it has on downfall, the swelling heat. Luckily this isn't the 50's and you don't have to go outside anymore, so instead of spending all your allowance on bubblegum, soda pop or whatever you kids are buying these days, why don't you buy yourself a shiny new PC game from Direct2Drive. Every day in July they are putting new games on sale for outrageous prices.

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jmobley2721d ago

love sales, always spend lots of money

Brash_Attack2721d ago

Good deals but can't beat Steam's right now.

DanielComfort2721d ago

This is the truth. Still, I'll at least be checking this out.

pungello882721d ago

So many sales it's tiring to just think about