Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition Listed on Could cost $129? The Collector's Edition of Batman: Arkham City can now be pre-ordered on

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topgun332717d ago

i hope it comes with a catwoman figure. I was hyped for the Arkham Asylum collector's due to it coming with a replica batarang, but when I found out it was plastic, I immediately cancelled my reservation. I am not paying 129 bucks for a plastic batarang.

I remember a year ago, Rocksteady was doing a survey through Facebook asking fans to vote on possible items should there be a collector's edition. The choices were a replica batman's tool belt, a catwoman statue, a joker statue, and a cape and cowl.

ATiElite2717d ago

you were hoping for a Blow-Up Doll Catwoman weren't you? LOL J/K

For a $129 it better come with 2 tickets to the Red Carpet premiere of next dark night movie.

MrSpace2717d ago

That voting thing is still going on, it's on the forums though now

solidsnake2222717d ago

Man, why can't we just go back to $80 Collectors Editions with steel books and different artwork. And sure, throw in an artbook or soundtrack or some other stuff, I just want metallic cases for an extra $20. Uncharted 3 is trying to tempt me in to paying $100, and for Uncharted, I just may have to...

Ser2717d ago

Agreed! If every game released with the option of a steelbook edition, I'd have a LOT of steelbooks.

Aloren2717d ago

It will be 80 or 90. They never respect the exchange rate and it's usually 1:1 between prices in euros and dollars.

MrSpace2717d ago

I hope it comes with Catwomens goggles, something you can't buy anywhere else...unless you want crappy ones that come with fancy dress costumes

giovonni2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Man, I'm old school, and I am a simple man. I just need the game with the last page of instructions with a free one month xbox live pass or free download content for... $62.85 and I'm good. I don't need a Batman statue, socks, breath mints, faceplate, bumper sticker and blah blah blah, I don't even need to pick it up at midnight. It reminds me of those toys you get in a cereal box you reach for it first toss it around for a few, and I'm back to eating cereal that I paid a dollar or two extra for... when I could of just got the cereal and got the experience I wanted and kept my extra money

BeOneWithTheGun2717d ago

Agreed on all points except midnight release. I find it quite fun to get my copy at 12:01 and then play hookey from work the next day.

Of course, this is for monster games I have been dying to play. Batman will be one of them. Skyrim the next. After that, I am not leaving my house.

giovonni2716d ago

Lol, I understand. I did it for Halo 3 before my son and daughter were born
and wasn't married

BeOneWithTheGun2716d ago

@giovonni. Ah, yes, marriage. What a drag that was. It was so nice to get my life back when the bitch went crazy. Now, I can eat Capt'n Crunch for dinner and play vids all night in my darth vader boxers and leave the cereal bowl on the counter for as long as I want. My life rules.

BadKarmaSutra962717d ago

For $129, Catwoman better come over to my place and give me a crazy lap dance while I play the game!

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