Video Game Foresight - The Bursting of the F2P Bubble | CheatCC

CheatCC says - I was convinced the F2P model was something that could extend the life of the MMO genre considerably. F2P means you don't have to compete against WoW. People will give your game a chance because they don't have to pay an entry fee. This was a great plan for smaller games that might not have gotten the attention they deserved had they charged a monthly fee. But now that WoW is joining the ranks of the F2P market, how do other free-to-play MMOs fare?

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BeastlyRig2567d ago

If it's free people will check it out! If there is a better game people will go with the other game!

I feel this will only drive devs to be more creative!

If Dragon age 2 was f2p it would flop..

Sooo.. No bubble bursting! Let the best game win!

ATiElite2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

F2P is the best thing since sliced bread.

Hey a new game.
It's free to play.
If it skin off my back and move along.
if it's good then i will spend some cash here and there.

How can you beat this concept? I don't think anything is better. Meanwhile you still have AAA High dollar subscription based MMO's coming out as well as regular $50 PC titles.

So all in all you have a ton of different ways to spend your money or not spend money. The only problem is not enough time to play all the PC titles coming out in the next few months.