Getting Strung Along: Waiting for The Old Republic

From GeekSweat, "Bioware’s upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic, has grabbed me by the seat of my pants, dragging me helplessly into a pit of anticipation where I am fed tiny game updates that will sustain me while I am slowly digested over 1000 years."

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ATiElite2714d ago

I think many PC gamers are willing to wait so Bioware can make the best possible product.

This game is a $100 million dollar investment, some say $300 million if you count the studio and all the other crap that came about because of this project.

Really no big rush, just get it right cause there is a ton of competition on the Horizon. Rift is doing very very well (seeing Rift TV commercials regularly now which was WoW's territory) and Guild Wars 2 is coming soon.