Funcom Releases New Details About MMO Secret World

Today at EA's Summer Showcase a new MMO made by Funcom, The Secret World, was announced. It boasts some rather interesting concepts that It'll be interesting to see if they make or break the game.

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DangerousDanMcGrew2717d ago

The trailer looked awesome. Although I can think of no greater horror than a monster looking at you while you're taking a leak. Would put me right off, it would.

pungello882717d ago

Another MMO to play? I don't know which way to turn anymore!

ATiElite2717d ago

You right!

There are just way too many PC MMO's coming out and not just regular MMO's but really good ones. It's to the point that I gonna have to stop buying games and only play MMO's.

I already quite playing Eve Online cause besides being hard (in the beginning) it took up way too much of my life and time as it slowly became the only game i played.

ares21al2717d ago

Bah another funcom fail i bet. They keep making games and going broke and then releasing said games still in development......i mean really?

Letros2717d ago

If they are going broke, who keeps funding them? :-P

ares21al2717d ago

Good question, What I meant was they seem to run over budget during the development process and release games in beta phase as complete.

Saladfax2717d ago

They've put together some really great games, and they really know their way around a narrative. Sometimes it gets a bit clunky though, as evidenced by early AoC and Dreamfall(which I still loved to death).

DanielComfort2717d ago

Although AoC was a poopoo game, I didn't mind Anarchy Online so much. I mean, honestly, so much of it really wasn't a great game, but I simply have fond memories attached to it.

ATiElite2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Secret World versus Dead Island who will win it all this Sunday night at HELL IN A CELL! call your local PPV for details..blah blah blah!

I'm going with Secret World. I think it will just offer a whole lot more to the survival aspect and game play than Dead island and it's gopher missions.