EGM Reviews Ratchet And Clank Future: TOD; Gives It 8.5, 9.5, and 9.0.

Scans of the most recent copy of Electronic Gaming Monthly have been released. The review team gave Ratchet and Clank all high marks.

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Violater4060d ago

did i miss something, welcome to about 3 weeks ago when this review came out.
How did this get approved?

Real gamer 4 life4060d ago

Yea this game has already been established as a AAA game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4060d ago

To bad it's not helping to sell PS3s :-( bummer

ruibing4060d ago

I think it is helping Sony sell PS3s. It has been praised as something everyone can enjoy due to its fun gameplay and solid dialogues much like a Pixar film by the mass media. Of course Wii has the most games parents would want their children play, but what's on the 360's side except arcade side shooters and Viva Pinata (like a sims for paper animals that has been said to be too difficult for young kids to enjoy). This and Uncharted are helping to sell systems.

I Make Stuff Up4060d ago

Fortunately gamers don't care about sales numbers.
I take it you're an investor of some sorts and that's why sales are so important to you?

MK_Red4060d ago

Funny how other 2 reviewers gave it 9 and 9.5 but EGM decided to use the 8.5 one for the big and final choice.

IdontTakeSides4060d ago

HAHA MK_Red you have it out for GS and EGM..huh..??...I can't wrong yah though...there reviews don't matter in neways PS3 oowners really don't give a crap about what EGM..GS..and 1UP has to say..cuz most times it's nothing good...I wonder how Shane manages at

riqued4060d ago

They should use the average, 9.
I bet Metacritic will put 8.5

MK_Red4060d ago

Yup, I'm a GS hater not only because of their Ratchet stunt but their stupid BioShock, Zelda Twilight Princess and other stunts.

Gotta agree, all the PS3 fans I know are not officially against GS and 1UP, though some of them still care about EGM (Oddly enough, EGM is part of 1UP isn't it?)

IdontTakeSides4060d ago

Yup EGM is apart of 1UP....

BrianC62344060d ago

Joe must have been the main reviewer but he talks about the camera being a problem. The demo did have a messed up camera when I played it but I'm almost through the game now and the camera isn't a problem for me. Did Joe review an unfinished version of the game? I just don't have the problem he had. And Nick's review says he didnt either.

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DrPirate4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Old much.............No one reported this as duplicate story/old?

Edit: I knew I wasn't losing it (or having premonitions :P):

riqued4060d ago

If I knew it was old before it was approved I would remove my own approval and report it.

MK_Red4060d ago

It's from December issue! How is it old? It's from future ;)

xaphanze4060d ago

MK_RED my friend your absolutely right.EGM and GS seem to hate ps3. GS gave 7.9 to motorstorm and as I remember a 8 to resistance.I dont know how 2 games that sold over a million and still hold position in the top 10 charts get those kind of ratings.
I stopped reading gamespot like 3 years ago.I dont find their website that interesting anyways.

socomnick4060d ago

Don't think they hate the ps3 but they might just be disappointed with it.

xaphanze4060d ago

dissapoited with what? The system hasnt had its first birthday yet. I got my ps3 like 2 weeks ago and more than excited with its features. Seems like a whole world in entertainment.

IdontTakeSides4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

How can they be dissapointed by the PS3..what were they expecting it to able to launch missles to the moon..?

The 360 has been around for almost two years and the PS3 has outdone it graphically in less than a year

The PS3 has the best online servers..and the best Online game on ne consoles..

Has released the most new IP's all year..and it's very reliable....

THEY ARE JUST BIASED...just like you....TROLL...!!!

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