CVG - Hitman Retrospective: Agent 47's finest kills

CVG - Hitman was never about the Silverballers or the W2000 Rifle he carries on the box. It was about the perfect kill - no witnesses, no bullets, and sometimes no evidence of murder at all.

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jony_dols2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

The Opera house level in Blood Money & The Meat King's Abattoir in Contracts are Hitman classics!

EazyC2717d ago

Yeah, that fat meat dude was hilarious!

SilentNegotiator2716d ago

What happened to Stealth games?

Splinter Cell is all about auto-kills, MGS4 lets you purchase machine guns and the newer one is looking action oriented......even Absolution footage looks like SCC with a Hitman skin.

jony_dols2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Well in fairness, MGS4 gave the player the option to play their style of play, and choosing the stealth option was always far more satisfying & rewarding decision than the run & gun option.

Which is pretty similar to the choice given in the Hitman series, which has always given the player the option to pick their own gameplay preference.

However some details that recently emerged about Hitman Absolution have me concerned that it is going to follow in the footsteps of Splinter Cell Conviction.....a.k.a divert from the classic formula that made the series great in the 1st place.

sonicsidewinder2717d ago

always makes you feel awesome when you pull it off.

Dannehkins2717d ago

Oh that brings back memories!

Gives me the urge to replay some of the games right now.