FIFA 12 on iOS Turns iPad into a Game Console

Fifa 12 on the iPad and iPhone and iPod touch will be bringing forth a pretty groundbreaking new feature for iOS gaming. Fifa 12 on iOS will be boasting a unique controller, and perhaps a look at the future of Apple and gaming.

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pungello882720d ago

This might be pretty cool but I still don;'t have the money to buy an iPhone...

pungello882720d ago

Isn't that just as expensive?

jmobley2720d ago

I've always wanted to get into soccer

honestpizza2720d ago

I can dig this. Aside from the astronomical purchase price of everything,this seems to be the way to control games on the iPad!

GetoverHere1222720d ago

but everywhere you look people have apple products, so it's kind of a smart move. I picture it being easy to find friends with i phones to play with.

TinaLauro2720d ago

I will end up addicted to this. I don't play much Fifa as is, but it is exactly the sort of game that I play in portable form. Big thumbs up from me.

DanielComfort2720d ago

Well, this at least is a potential prelude to gaming that I'd ACTUALLY like to do on my non-existent iPad.

GetoverHere1222720d ago

agreed, Apple will need a MAJOR title to sway me to begin gaming on my i Pad, which doesn't exist.

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