Tekken 6: 17 Screenshots

Namco releases a big bunch of Tekken 6 screenshots, seventeen to be precise. The images still aren't in 720p, as usual, but the game looks good anyway.

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boodybandit4057d ago

Any release information on T6 or which is due out first (SC4 or T6)?
If the game looks this good and moves at 60FPS I will be completely awe struck. Get those bibs ready to catch the drool.

mighty_douche4057d ago

first bunch i saw got me a little worried that it wasnt looking much better than Tekken 5 DR, but these new shoots have quenched those worries, it looks fantastic.

picker3324056d ago

This game look's beautiful!

Hulk04084056d ago

This is one of the reasons why I got a PS3.