Play With the Dungeon Siege III Developers

Gamers have had the chance to crawl through dungeons and cast spells for a few weeks, and now it's time to see how everyone stacks up to the creators themselves. Obsidian is having a "game with the developers" night on Xbox Live tomorrow night.

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pungello882419d ago

I love getting the chance to play with developers. It helps to bridge the gap between companies and consumers.

Nitrowolf22419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

lol i remember when i was a kid i always wanted to play with Devs. I always thought they would be god like players to lol

DangerousDanMcGrew2419d ago

they are, they will destroy you.

TinaLauro2419d ago

Getting to play with developers always helps us players feel valued- we need more events like this!

honestpizza2419d ago

I am so glad that I decided to pick this game up. Those who decided to give it a low score are crazy! I wish more developers would play with their gamers though, this a nice thing to see.

GetoverHere1222419d ago

I always like to believe I can beat the best of the best, but it never turns out to be true..

ares21al2418d ago

I may actually pick this up, sometime soon, can anyone advise if it is actually worth 60$?

ares21al2418d ago

Really no one can make a recommendation on this game?

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