EVE Online Developers Trying to Save Face

People by themselves are generally good-natured, well-mannered, and easy to handle, but for some reason when one becomes many, things get a bit out of hand. That is exactly what the Icelandic developer of EVE Online, CCP, is experiencing at the moment. After a few less than positive appearances in the mainstream media, community aggression is causing some of the staff to buckle under the pressure.

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GetoverHere1222718d ago

You can't take players for granted. Without them, especially in something like Eve Online, you have no game. Allegedly

DangerousDanMcGrew2718d ago

Indeed, the game was made for players, so why shouldn't they respect em?

pungello882718d ago

Agreed, companies need to value their customers because, in the end, the customers determine if the company stays around or not

frozzenfire2718d ago

Considering the fact that EVE has a repeat core group of players that run the game that is a VERY dangerous move from CCP on business side of things.

ATiElite2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

One thing I like about PC Gaming is that we have a voice that Devs have to respect.

Eve Online has a group know as the Council-of-stellar-management and they are players elected by players to represent the gamers of Eve Online by talking to the Devs about grievances or issues with the game.

The Devs generally listen to the Council and make changes so everyone is happy. These latest changes have really ticked off the community so they had a meeting (flew the council president out to CCP Headquarters) and they went over the Gamers issues.

Bottom line CCP has incorporated somethings within the game that make it easy to win...basically pay to advance and win which isn't fair. It should be a time oriented situation meaning put in your time and you will advance and win.

Hopefully CCP will listen to it's gamers cause if not the game will FAIL. Eve Online is currently $15 a month, over 400k active subscribers and has been going strong for almost 8 years. during peak playing hours it's normal to have over 50K players all on ONE Server. The one world one server concept is what makes Eve Online unique.

BeastlyRig2718d ago

"One thing I like about PC Gaming is that we have a voice that Devs have to respect."

The fact that Red Orchestra 2 (An indie developed game) will have dedicated severs while MW3 would give it to the console crowd says a lot!

Lol MW3 might have dedicated servers on pc though..

ATiElite2718d ago

Yeh and that's really sad how consolers...who are so in love with their $300 dream machines run out and have bought around 20 million copies of the last 3 COD games and Activision still will not give them dedicated servers. That's crap!

No way any PC Gamer would support giving up all that cash and not getting Dedicated servers..just NO WAY! I'm sorry but P2P is just a huge LAG FESTIVAL!

Meanwhile an Indie game (Red Orchestra) has offered Dedicated servers from day one. You wonder why I'm a PC elitist...cause I'm Elite enough to not get run over by Craptivision which will most likely provide MW3 PC with dedicated servers like B.O.

jmobley2718d ago

if it aint broke dont fix it

jmobley2718d ago

im still suprised this game is popular

GetoverHere1222718d ago

agreed, I remember seeing this around waaay back. Good on the devs for embracing the fans, but shame for abusing their power.

ATiElite2718d ago

it's been going strong for 8 years. about 400K members with peak hours having around 60K on the Server.

Not bad....Not bad at all.

TinaLauro2718d ago

This is what happens to companies that go out of touch with their fanbase. Strong community managers who feed information both up and down that chain can make a game great. Some companies don't agree, and we are seeing anger manifest in their communities. EVE is not the only culprit; look how angry the WoW community has been since Cata!

ares21al2718d ago

you are absolutely Correct this is a growing issue in the gaming industry. Maybe we as gamers can address this by not playing these games

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