Sony introduces PSVita’s cross-play, Near and Party features in a new video

Yesterday shown up a new video, which introduces Vita's network features such as cross-play with PS3, 'Near' and 'Party'. Nothing weird that Sony advertises PSVita as a device with a full pack of social capabilities - according to them lack of social features was one of the biggest mistake that they made creating PSP. Also it gives pretty big advantage against Nintendo 3DS, which is far behind Vita at this point.

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Warprincess1162717d ago

OMG i can't wait. This is gonna be the best handheld ever.

KingDustero2717d ago

For sure. I can't believe how cheap it is too. If Nitendo doesn't drop the price right before the release of Vita they're going to be screwed.

egidem2716d ago

Totally agree. With the way Ninty's 3DS has been lacking games, I say they'd better hurry and make sure that once the Vita comes out, their 3DS will be cheaper with much more games. If not, then they are in for some competition.

farhad2k82717d ago

When the first few videos came out.. I was SO hyped.. then it wore down a little as the VITA became a little quiet.. now this video is out.. and I'm hyped up again!!
I just can't wait until it's launched, I hope it comes with Flash support so you can connect a keyboard and do some surfing like a tablet!!


SilentNegotiator2716d ago

It got you rehyped?

Dang, I wish I could see it. It's gone private :/

gustave1542716d ago

i wanna see the video too....

Gray-Fox-Type02717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Its about time also PS3 should get some new features, since vita is boasting cross game chat and what not. Looks sweet though but kinda huge.

Just_The_Truth2717d ago

i believe it's because of the ps3 low ram and if so we're just going to have to wait till ps4.

Ethereal2717d ago

I agree. With the Vita on the horizon, I expect that party system to implemented on the PS3. They are boasting cross game play, how could they not support a universal party and chat system? It's coming.

MaxXAttaxX2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Ram? what?

SilentNegotiator2716d ago

"i believe it's because of the ps3 low ram"

I'm sure you're just trolling - People with "Truth" in their username are rarely innocent, I've found - but where's the logic in that? What, you think Vita has more RAM than the PS3 or something?


Just_The_Truth2716d ago

I said "I BELIEVE" that's my opinion based off of what i've heard whether it's right no one know but sony so unless you know different stfu with this trolling shite. Just b/c you may want to hope cross game chat is going to happen doesn't mean it will, if it's not possible with the current specs there's nothing you can do about it.

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Scary692717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I like it and I want it NOW. I am buying 2 as well :-D

sikbeta2717d ago

OMG! This thing is BEAST!!!

egidem2716d ago

Yes! The hardware specifications alone are insane. Front and rear touch pads (one being a touch screen) etc. And to think that Sony just, JUST PRICED IT PERFECTLY.

At $250 (I'm getting the Wi-fi version) it's awesome!

pain777pas2717d ago

Yes Sir! Already pre-ordered! Done ready for this baby. Good by dark ages for dedicated handheld gaming.

PRHB HYBRiiD2716d ago

wish i had enough money to buy year ill have it for sure now is better to play fps on handheld's ..finally!

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JayD-1K2716d ago

did you win / lose a bet? lol
i pre-ordered mine already and it's almost paid of.

i put a lil bit down on it every month to, drastically drops the instant buy sticker shock. lol

might have to do the next PS like this?!

VampiricDragon2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

sorry but this really has no impact on gaming persay.

lack of social features wasnt a con for the psp.


@ below

I am complaining that they are insulting other systems (psp,3ds) to prop up there video

Miiikeyyy2717d ago

You're complaining about extra features?
Jesus Christ what's wrong with people

SandWitch2717d ago

It's not insulting, it's more like a fact. I have visited 3DS forums and 3DS owners themselves are mostly complaining about lack of chat with friends or similar features.

jujubee882717d ago

You have to realize that games nowadays need stuff like party for in game chat and Near is a big community making device for the PS Vita.

Christopher2717d ago

Lack of social features is a massive con for any gaming device that plans to have online capabilities. Look at why XBL is so successful and why PSN has copied them in many respects.

egidem2716d ago

Copied them? If your logic is right, then Microsoft recent introduction of the cloud save system is copied from Sony. Or that Kinect is a ripoff of their Eyetoy since it does stuff that Sony already did with the PS2. Or the fact that the new 360Slim has touch sensitive buttons, comes in shiny black is also a ripoff of the PS3 Fat.

Ah, what do you have to lose anyway, look at all those bubbles.

dgonza402716d ago

all i can think of is trophies..

it will be funny if 360 goes blu-ray lol

360 copied included wifi in their consoles (even though it was years later than ps3)

Christopher2716d ago

If you don't think Sony didn't take a lot more than just achievements/trophies from XBL, then you're kidding yourself. They've been looking at their competition since the Xbox and had a full year to see how the 360 did as well.

And, yes, everyone copies everyone else.

Saying this isn't an insult, it's a reality.

divideby02717d ago

I want to game, dont need to text and all that crap...
good stuff and its optional, just I will never use it...others I am sure will... btw, I NEVER text dumbest thing ever, why do I want to text when I can talk.

NukaCola2717d ago

w/ Vita you can text & talk

blusoops2717d ago

Texting is convenient for when u can't talk. It's faster and to the point. The other person can respond when ever it's convenient for them.

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Ryo-Hazuki2717d ago

Buying the vita day 1. I just find it funny that the vita has more social features than there own console the ps3. Maybe sony is adding party chat to the ps3 this fall when the vita drops so ps3 players can chat with vita players to promote more cross play. Hope so

Fox012717d ago

The PS3 is 5 years old, Vita isn't even out yet. It would be funny though if the Vita had a better online that the WiiU.

sarshelyam2716d ago

Then start laughing because that's already a reality...straight from the horses mouth, Nintendo isn't changing a thing.