GameNTrain: I’m Looking at You, Call of Duty

GameNTrain: How Call of Duty changed the gaming industry … but not always for the better.

Can you even think back to the times before the present day iterations of Call of Duty? For the mass gaming population, the games that ruled the world were Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and various Mario games, but they’re already a distant memory – quickly fading into the background as the anticipation for new games grow.

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zerocrossing2721d ago

Nothing new here, People have been saying this for years. Just goes to show you big sales and mass popularity doesn't make it a great game.

skyblue142132721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I am not defending activision but what the author does not realize is that the call of duty franchise is made by 2 separate developers that is owned by activision that make separate call of duty games. Infinity ward makes one type of call of duty game like the modern warfare series, and treyarch makes more of the classic type of call of duty games(which I prefer the classic type). This gives the illusion that each call of duty game is rushed to be made within a 1 year time span, when in fact each game is made in about 2 years. That explains why each yearly call of duty game is released at roughly the same time each year.

Because of this arrangement each developer has almost 2 years to make a call of duty game which is a normal amount of time in this industry for any developer to make a decent game, in which I imagine all of the resources of a particular development studio are involved in making each call of duty game.

The only call of duty game that I have in my possession is call of duty world at war, and it is pretty fun especially the nazi zombies portion of the game. I played mordern warfare but I was bored to tears with that game after only playing the first real level of the game(I have since returned the game for a replacement at the store that I bought it from). I just bought black ops with a redeemable first strike dlc code for $35 total so it is a deal that I wont regret since the demo that I played seemed decent. I mainly bought the game for the nazi zombies portion of the game even though the main game seemed pretty decent.

Due to the overpriced dlc map packs that are sold for this game I might wait until a deal or bundle for the map packs at a discounted price are offered. It is sad though because I only want the nazi zombie maps, and I could care less about the multi-player maps. I wish activision would sell the nazi zombie maps separate from the multi-player maps for a smaller price, but then 90% of the people that buy the map packs would mostly opt for the nazi zombie maps over the multi-player maps, I know I would. But then again activision probably already knows this and purposely only releases 1 nazi zombie map per map pack to make the customer buy all of the map packs to get all of the nazi zombie maps for a particular game which is sad and unfortunate.

I wish that activision would give a little bit more time to the developers to add new things to each release though.

JeffGUNZ2721d ago

I agree with you and I disagree with you, but I gave you an agree since you actually provided an educated thought as opposed to the average "COD blows!" that we see in every article.

I really enjoyed COD4. One of my favorite all time games. MW2 was alright, I was hooked for a while, but got tired of all the bugs and exploits. I really was excited for Black Ops, which was good, but it just didn't have the same feeling as IW's COD. I quickly grew tired of the game and haven't played it in some time.

With that said, I think this author failed to mention the fact that two opposite developers are creating these games, just like you stated. Also, I think it is very premature to start making these kinds of assumptions or articles about "another same ol' COD" when we really haven't even seen ANY multiplayer aspects. It seems they are doing a lot of new things since they haven't even showed ANYTHING for it yet.

I really hope they do revamp to multiplayer aspect and make it feel fresh. I am not too excited for this game yet mainly because of Gears of War 3. I plan on getting it eventually, but I think for now we all should hold our judgement until they release all their information about the game.