End of the Week: A Realistic Smash Bros. Character Wish List

At the last E3, Satoru Iwata announced that a project that will be on the Wii U is a new Super Smash Bros., which will also be on the Nintendo 3DS. Since then, and even before then, people have been making their wish lists for which new characters they would like to see in the game, but usually these lists are full of characters that have a slim chance of actually showing up in the game. No matter how much we wish for Master Chief, Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Nathan Drake, Naruto, Captain Jack, or whoever else it may be, there is a lot of legal stuff that prevents these characters from being in. Snake was specifically requested by Hideo Kojima to be in and Sonic won a poll in Japan.

So, we here at End of the Week have put together a list of some of the Nintendo first-party characters we would like to see in the next Smash Bros. game.

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ZoidsRaven2718d ago

This list is realistic? 7_7

Xander-RKoS2718d ago

More realistic then a lot of other Smash Bros. list.

ZoidsRaven2717d ago

I know they aren't listing anime characters like Naruto, but it's still not a realistic list. While there are some characters in this list that I can agree on, there are also some that would never happen in a Smash game.

Tatangathe Mysterious Spaceman
Impa (Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages) Come on, OoT Impa would be better.
The Happy Mask Salesman
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
The Warriors of Light
The Monster Hunter
The above is not realistic. Which is why I asked "This list is realistic?"

jacksonmichael2717d ago

Yeah. They're not asking for Cloud. Ug.

AWBrawler2717d ago

I just want daisy and Tom Nook

charmer2717d ago

not realistic until nintendo announces it.....just like the specs of the wiiu.. im sure both will be very good

Samus HD2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

F-zero characters would be nice