RUMOR: Hardware partners for all manufacturers

Quoting author Kyle Bennett:
"Upcoming Console Hardware
While I personally did not attend E3, there were still a lot of people out and about from the gaming industry that were willing to talk. We had a few "operatives" that were working with HardOCP to mine information. Of course we are not big on console gaming at HardOCP, but certainly all that console hardware does in fact impact the PC gaming industry as well as the PC hardware industry. These reports should be very much considered rumors, but we will not throw all of these into the same classification as far as plausibility. Some have more bite than others and certainly not all these rumors are fully baked. What is true today, might not be true in 6 months, or even 6 weeks."

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newn4gguy2720d ago

I fully expect nVidia to own.

newn4gguy2720d ago

That WOULD be risky. I agree. We don't know for sure though.

DeadlyFire2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Risky my ass that is death. APU is not powerful enough. In a few years time maybe. Right now there is no chance in hell it will float.

All three same GPU = false.

fatstarr2719d ago

its a sad day i love nvidia over Ati/Amd any day.

its gonna be some similarity's then in the next gen

the cpu is going to be king

if everyone is sporting gpus from 4850+ then there will be lots of similarity in all 3 consoles graphics

and also no backwards compatibility for ps4 if they are jumping ship lets see how this turns out i really cant wait.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I guess that's the reason WiiU Won't say it's specs because they'll change alot most likely for cost reasons.

Now to the Gpu Nvida has always been my primary choice for graphics. Amd is good to but i use them mostly for processors.
Rocking a Amd Phenom X6 Clocked at 3.5ghz :0

It will be crazy if both Sony And Microsoft choose the same Gpu lol.

ViserysTargaryen2720d ago

MS is certain to choose another Intel chip since those two are like peas in a pod.

fatstarr2719d ago

yes a blow like that would seriously hurt microsoft in other markets.

thir best bet is to get some crazy intel chip.

lovely battle of the next gen


menezeez2719d ago

yep. ivy bridge cores +larrabee cores +22nm tri gate 3d transistors + MAYBE avx2 = MAJOR processing power, power efficient,flexibility(cpu that can aid the gpu) relatively ok die size(compared to ibm and amd) and of course x86 architecture which means it will be a breeze to code for even easier than the 360.

ibm powerpc architecture as well as amds cpu architecture haven't improved nearly as much as intel has over the past few years and intel is also a step ahead of them in transistor technology(ibm and amd are on 32nm intel is already on 22nm) so intel will be the obvious choice they wanted to get larrabee into the next xbox if they can make this happen developers will learn to work with it. this is the ONLY way intel could ever enter the gpu market

frankymv2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

most interested to see what MS and sony but in their next boxes. All will be revealed very, very soon.

Malice-Flare2720d ago

CUDA and all that. i'm just concerned about PS3 BC if Sony shifts graphics cards again...

RememberThe3572720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Word is that Nvidia is hard to work with and bridges may be burned between them and Sony. When Sony was trying to coast cut (remember back to the rumors of the slim) it was said that Nividia was unwilling to work on cost cutting and that was hampering Sony's attempted to return to profit. If AMD is easier to work with on the business side of things that may be the deciding factor.

But I'm more interested to see what MS and Sony do with their CPU. MS going to a cell CPU and Sony moving to an APU would be very interesting. But now that developers are directly involved with PS4 development Sony might want to stick with a variant of the Cell to help developers more easily bridge the gap between PS4 and the next Xbox. Sony is keen on the Cells "difficult" development and having both systems using similar CPUs would help developers on the cost side with time and effort.

However, to counter my own point. There would really be nothing advantageous to either Sony or MS making the same damn console, so we may see Sony take the leap into an APU as is rumored here. That may come down to cost in the end seeing as Sony does not want to dig themselves the same hole they dug at the beginning of this generation.

Haha I love this shit.

Malice-Flare2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

so it's nVidia being the ass, like with the original Xbox? heh, never figured them to be idiotic...

then again, after the licensing agreement that caused the RSX drivers to be locked, and thus inspiring hackers to work, i'm not surprised...

i don't see MS going full CELL, ease of dev't being their forte...

any links for further reading???

RememberThe3572719d ago

It was a rather old story from before the slim came out and I can't find it (I'm not great at Google). But what I read was hear say at the time and either could have changed or was a complete lie. Sony is continuing to partner with nvidia for PS Suite, but they also didn't use a nvidia GPU in the Vita either. I would be surprised to see a Sony do something similar to the Vita and have some vastly different GPU set up to current consoles.

qwertyz2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

sony will probably use the cell again for backwards compatibility but they will have to use nvidia or they'll be no point using the cell again because nvidia will never give them the rights to emulate the rsx(just like they didn't give ms the right to emulate xbox 1 gpu). intel currently leads in transistor tecnology with their 22nm tri gate transistors so microsoft might choose them over IBM as they can use ivy bridge and larrabee cores to create an APU or they can just use AMD cpus + gpu combo I really doubt microsoft will use a cell they could just combine ivy bridge cores with larrabee cores and they'll have a cell like x86 cpu thats a breeze to code for their 22nm tri gate transistors will also keep the die size smaller than whatever ibm could come up with.