The Overseas Connection Podcast #123

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast pushes on into the summer months. Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, Skulduggerer and CPM1376 as they discuss the gaming news, new releases, and community feedback .

Topics Covered this week:

* Should we as an industry start giving more game directors screen credit on the box cover (i.e. Steve Speilburg or Michael Bay in movies?)
* Phil Spencer says Microsoft once considered Crytek for 1st party development.
* PlayStation Store returns to Japan July 6
* Sony to announce PSN PASS with Resistance 3 Bundle?
* Ex-Clancy talents create new studio: The Game Bakers

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Jonmau52571d ago

I am yet to listen to this episode, as a regular listener for the last at LEAST 50 episodes.... I can say I love this podcast.

jsslifelike2570d ago

Damn! The gang's all back!

ironhammers2564d ago

Yay! Listen and love it every single time! :D