Steam Summer Camp Sale: Day 8

We are closing in on the home stretch, with just 4 days to go Steam doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing up.

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TheStonedSheep2714d ago

I don't think by bank account can take much more :/

BeastlyRig2714d ago

I am broke now!! Yeah!! :D

Steven212714d ago

i bought garrys mod and counter strike source yesterday for 16 dollars... i woke up today to find that i could have gotten both for $6 i am not pleased

STK0262714d ago

Truth be told, you are to blame for this. Games that are not part of the daily deals should only be bought on the last day of the summer sales, otherwise, they are likely to be sold for less during a daily sale.

Then again, 16$ for CS:S and Gary's mod ain't a bad deal in anyway.

Pro_TactX2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

STK026 speaks the truth. It does not make any sense to buy anything until the last day unless it is a daily deal. It is your fault for not having the patience or the foresight to wait.

By foresight I do not mean that you should have predicted the future. I simply mean that you should have been prepared for the possibility that those games might end up on the daily deal list at some point during this week.

Steven212713d ago

well i waited months actually to buy it because i wasnt happy with the price. Then i waited an extra day after to see if it would go down again but it didnt so i bought. then the next day it was finally lowered. but i am happy about the deal i originally got

xtremexx2714d ago

i have $400 dollars but im saving for a new computer, do you know how painfull this is lol

Fishy Fingers2714d ago

Picked up Far Cry 2 yesterday, ahd it back in the day for console but as it was £3.50, thought why not.

Actually I was at work so got my mate to "gift it" to me, so as of now, free :)

SantistaUSA2714d ago

Got it last night as well, for $5 is just insane not to get it, getting ready to play it for the first time on 55" LED 1080p goodness! :D Love STEAM!

Si-Fly2714d ago

I did the same and also picked up Batman, mainly to try them both in 3D vision, for 6.40 it'd be rude not to!

aquamala2714d ago

Tomb raider anniversary for $2.50! Lara croft guardians of light $3.75! Love it

Xristo2714d ago

For the price of a value meal I picked up Sanctum and AudioSurf :P

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