2K Games Predicts a Motion Filled Future for Gaming

The next generation of consoles is the hot topic on gamer's lips at the moment, kicking off with the Wii U announcement and now all the rumours of a PS4 being in development for 2012. Everyone's wondering exactly what form the new consoles will take, but 2K Games believes firmly in a future with motion control as the standard and that previous motion controls are just a tester for the next generation.

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pungello882717d ago

I hope it doesn't become mandatory. It's cool in some games but controllers are still the way to go in many games.

Cwalk8162717d ago

I 100% agree, I don't want to have to learn martial arts to play Tekken.

honestpizza2717d ago

If the future is motion controlled, I think I may stay in the past and enjoy the games that let me simply sit on my duff and be lazy.

firemassacre2717d ago

i cant imagine waving my hands around like a maniac playing battlefield, i just want a controller, thats it.

TinaLauro2717d ago

Yeah, motion technology is very cool, but its use hasn't been very intuitive as of yet. If the movement feels forced and requires thought, then you might as well have a controller.

Venjense2717d ago

Well anyone who took the time to Master Killzone 3 Move controls would know it the superior form of controlling FPS games on consoles - despite the high learning curve.

The accuracy is leagues better and movement and turning is the same

pixboy2717d ago

Though I didn't mind the motion controls, i still believe that my mouse is 'leagues better'.

Venjense2716d ago

I wouldn't know, quite possibly but I was talking about on consoles

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