Hey, you’ve got a PlayStation… 360?

Guyism: Why get the real thing at full price, when you get something far cheap and more unique? Plus does one need anything other than GBA games? Finally, thank you China!

Behold the “Arcade Box”. What a generic name for such a magical creation, which dares to merge the Xbox 360 and PS3

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Mr PS32512d ago

Hey, you’ve got a PlayStation

Take a wild Guess

GodsHand2512d ago

Arcade Box, I don't know that brand.

It's not really arcade box, it's sony guts.

CrimsonEngage2512d ago

No i don't have a PS. Nore do i ever want one.

nnotdead2512d ago

i don't know guys. he really doesn't seem to ever want one.

seinfan2512d ago

It seems nearly 40 people know you better than you ever will.

NyGiants72512d ago

I kinda like the "Dingoo", GB Micro for old school games

Alos882512d ago

I hope Dr. Ashens reviews these.

thebudgetgamer2512d ago

Ashens has become my fourth favorite british person ever.

1:winston churchill
2:benny hill
3:ricky gervais
5: maurice moss

ainsz2512d ago

The question is... Will it blend?

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