Sorry Kotaku, but you’re wrong about pro-gaming

PCGamer: "Gaming’s rapidly shedding its social stigma. Over half of the people in the UK are considered active gamers: our hobby is not the preserve of the maladjusted or socially weird. Why then, articles like Jen’s feel the need to disparage a rapidly growing, incredibly exciting offshoot of general gaming, purely because it’s not a traditional prism through which to view games?"

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ATiElite2717d ago

Kotaku is a horrible site anyway.

I myself take time out to watch Starcraft 2 Esport competitions. These are Gamers at the highest level and great watching and learning from them. Actually i used to watch COD1 COD2 tournaments on G4TTV before COD and G4 became corny.

I find it no different from watching Pro football or basketball then going out and trying to do what the pro's do.

thorstein2717d ago

It is getting as bad as Destructoid and it's Trolls posing as journalists. (I know, I know, there is ONE good journalist at Destructoid and he isn't a fat retard.)

I would rather be in the tourneys though, than watch them. Or (like many pro sports) I'd at least like to be there.

Soldierone2717d ago

I agree. Video games are fun, but sitting there and watching someone play is boring....TO ME.

2717d ago
theonlylolking2717d ago

3 years ago Kotaku was a good site but it has gone downhill. It is almost as bad as this one site that is called IGN.

pixelsword2717d ago

Sorry, Kotaku is wrong about almost everything they post.

256bit2717d ago

lol kotaku and the gawker crap stuff. who the hell even likes to hit those sites anyway.

Benoftheabyss2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

hey, io9 & fleshbot are still decent

Paragon2717d ago

Kotaku is pretty atrocious, I'm not gonna lie.

GrilledCheeseBook2717d ago

The Kotaku article was pretty bad. Wasn't researched at all and the interview she was quoting from was taken out of context often to twist into something negative.

evrfighter2717d ago

ya she was obviously way too good for pro gaming. It was way beneath the snob

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