How Battlefield 3's Support Class has changed

OXM UK: "DICE explains suppression, being suppressed and bipods."

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MidnytRain2717d ago

This is kind of like the sniper rifles and LMGs in SOCOM 4. Taking cover against a crate or something would set a bipod on top that would make your accuracy nigh perfect.

StanLee2717d ago

To be honest, the first Bad Company was the perfect blend of PC and console Battlefield gaming. Five classes, spec ops and support included, huge maps, a great new mode (Rush), no health regeneration and other BS that DICE added in BC2 because they wanted to be more like Call of Duty. BC1 doesn't get the credit it deserves. In some aspects it's better than BC2.

MOTY2717d ago

I don't agree. BC1 was a great single player game but the online was not balanced properly. I would shoot them with a grenade launcher right at their feet and even after the explosion, they just turned around and would shoot me in the face.

BC2 offered Hardcore mode which is perfect and the only way I play BC2. So perfect that I am a bit upset that they have changed the classes around and their responsibilities. Having each class specialize in something that helps the team was perfect in BC2.

I was extremely disappointed in the online with BC1 that I stopped playing online in less than a month. hardcore mode is essential and it wasn't in BC1.

Liquid_Ocelot2716d ago


Agreed +bubbles
First time ever that I see somebody that liked BF:BC1>BF:BC2..
Just like me :)

I enjoyed more the BF:BC1 maps over the ones in BF:BC2(nothing wrong with them though). BF:BC1 wasn't perfect but I had lots of fun and no other [multiplatform] game have kept me coming for more this gen like BF:BC1 did.

Ps: the second multiplatform would be BF:1943 and then BF:BC2 :D

hmmmm2716d ago

I enjoyed BC a lot before BC2 came out, but a few days ago me and my buddy went back and played a couple of rounds of rush and boy is it unpolished and clunky compared to BC2. The movement is incredibly slow in that game and it just has some general design issues like having to hold the stick down constantly to run and the helicopter controls in multiplayer being retarded compared to the single player controls.

Although there were some things that were better, like the vegetation in the map being much more dense and lush and some of the maps are classics!

awi59512717d ago

Oh im so gonna abuse this! I will drop a ammo crate at my feet plant my gun and fire like mad. I'll never have to move to get more ammo lol.

Liquid_Ocelot2716d ago

And THAT right there, worries me.. more than all the sniper bs everyone been talking about

Yes, I'm a sniper/sub-machinegun type of guy xD

Elwenil2717d ago

If they do the suppression as well as the Project Reality mod for BF2 did it will be a huge asset and will put the Support class back where it belongs instead of Medics running around like Rambo in BC2.

Also the author needs to learn the huge difference between a clip and a magazine.

awi59512717d ago

Why do people get so mad over that? People on gun forums go nuts when people say that lol.The movies mostly say clip so thats why alot of people say it dont get bent out of shape over it lol.

Elwenil2716d ago

It's like someone calling you a monkey. You are similar, you serve a similar purpose but you are still not a monkey. If you expect to be taken seriously in an given area, proper terminology is essential. It's just another reason why "gaming journalism" is completely worthless.

sovietsoldier2716d ago

i see people moving fast like they do in cod and the mg suppression effect being useless because it cant pin people down because they are not afraid to be shot by it as if it had high accuracy and damage.