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EazyC2665d ago

125 is very good for a non-track based game (a la Forza/GT).

I like how there's some good oldies in there, especially in the muscle car tier. It's a shame there are no Ferrari's or BMW's.

Haha has anyone noticed how Porsche are such assholes when it comes to getting them in games? At least there's RUF, I guess. :/

Sinterfire2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Porsche's who needs 'em? I only like the 911 and GT3's

EazyC2665d ago

I guess. I just like it being the real deal.

Dare I say this game may be great? The general census on this site is that it'll suck... It looks very good to me, though. *Please* return to your former glory, Driver!

Sinterfire2665d ago

Nice list. GT-R and Audi R8 rule! I love running thoughs cars on GT5. I think I might get this game. I miss the old Driver from the PS1 days.

ExitToExisT2665d ago

loving the alfa's on the list

FalconR2892664d ago

Its a good list but, I personal believe that there could have been a lot more American cars but, that's me.